Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!

Sorry to have been gone so long, but I simply had to recharge my batteries for a while. Thanks to my colleagues and staff at work, I took some time in Northern Michigan with family and friends. Although I loathe loading all of the junk on top of the car for such a trip (too many people traveling to fit it all inside the car), the time unplugged does wonders for one's psyche.

Since my brain's still on neutral, here's a few health-related tidbits I've stumbled across this morning for your enjoyment/consideration:
  • When having a heart attack, what's a helicopter ride to the nearest hospital cost when the local bridge is closed? How does almost $10,000 grab ya?
  • How to do a photo shoot of your cardiology practice.
  • States with business "personalty taxes" (defined as movable, touchable property used in a business, including furniture, computers, machinery, tools, supplies, raw materials, vehicles, scrap, billboards, tanks, pipelines and other property not listed as real estate) want to collect back taxes on reusable surgical kits sent back and forth between hospitals, too. (What will states do if we cut health care costs?)
  • A good explanation of why patients are confused by media-directed health care advice.
Happy New Year!



Meredith said...

I was reading one of your old posts about magnets and I was wondering if a magnetic front closure on a bra would be a problem? There's a warning on the label but I know part of that is just due to liability. What about the new victoria secret bra that has a magnet clasp on the front? If the magnet hits right in between the breasts would it be close enough to the device that it could interfere? Also does having a magnet that close change the settings or turn off a defibrillator/pacemaker early? I'm sure most doctors would say just wear another bra but this bra in particular is very comfy! I've tried it on but not worn it for extended periods of time. Luckily this is one of the only major complaints I've had about having heart disease and a medtronic device at such a young age.

Emily said...

Hehe, Save the helicopter ride for the wealthy.

DrWes said...

It's Just Me -

My response to your questions was interesting enough to generate a separate post. Hope that helps!