Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New iPhone Skin Doubles as Single-Lead EKG

Developed by Oklahoma physician and entrepreneur Dr. David Albert, a true single-lead ECG for the iPhone 4 has been created using a unique skin for the device (shown). The iPhone can store a pdf of the signal and also transmit a realtime wireless signal about a foot using the iPhone's battery.

Until now, most other free applications have used the camera feature of the device to display a person's heart rate, rather than their actual electrocardiogram. Here's Dr. Albert's demo video:




Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Fantastic! I hope his device is widely available (soon) and not wildly expensive!
The next step...defib via iPhone.

Anonymous said...

Very interested device, now people have a portable tool in their pocket. Great intervention!

Colleen Curtin said...

Wow! Talk about amazing technology!

A Lewis said...

Cool! One of technologies finest moments!