Thursday, September 16, 2010

If I Were to Change Medical Education, I Would...

... add typing and coding to the curriculum.

Hey, and here's another idea (though I'm not sure I agree with this one).


P.S.: Add your proposed changes (serious or not) in the comments section in preparation for the AMA's new historic conference of medical leaders to explore the future of medical education to be held in Washington DC 20-22 September.

Look, I call 'em as they're sent to me in press release, nothing else.

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Pluripotent said...

Pretty much end the current lecture based curriculum in favor of a web based system that keeps track of what you know and what you need to work on. Lectures and labs reserved for things that can't be done online (patient interaction, dissection). Spend much more time in the hospital starting from 1st year. Much of medical education is wasted in the lecture hall. But it would take a lot of changes to innovate on that level. Not the least of which would involve forming more medical schools by reducing the barriers to competition that keeps them scarce.