Thursday, September 02, 2010

HRS Survey: Our Most Current EP Workforce Assessment

From the most recent Heart Rhythm Society Electrophysiology Workforce Survey (pdf), co-authored by yours truly:
The median work week for physician respondents was 60 hours, with 41% of physicians working 50–60 hours per week and 29% working 61–75 hours per week. There was no significant difference in work hours based on a physician’s credentials, demographics or geographic location. Age was only a differentiator for people older than 65 who have trimmed their hours to 40–50 hours per week. For every respondent age-range queried, the volume of work over the next five years was expected to increase. Of respondents over 60 years of age, 23% expect to retire in the next five years.
Lots of interesting stats, but the data in this survey were collected well before our new health care reform had passed.


Link to the HeartRhythm article.

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