Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Drug Disposal

It's amazing how many drugs go unused:
Saturday’s Department of Drug Enforcement sponsored drug take back in Naperville brought in about 250 pounds of prescription drugs, filling six large boxes to capacity.

“It exceeded our wildest expectations,” Naperville Police Cmdr. Greg Waitkus said of the first time Naperville participated in the national event, which safely disposes of unused medication.

He said many people don’t know medication cannot be thrown away by standard methods, and that pitching pills in the trash can sometimes get them into the wrong hands.
Unused medications can also end up in the environment, so not throwing them in the trash makes sense.

Still, it seems a shame that in these days of high drug costs that we can't find a way to safely recycle unused medications.


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Named Just Bob said...

I agree. If we can recycle nearly everything else, why not for drugs that those who cannot afford them could use?