Friday, July 09, 2010

The Perils of Anti-Social Media

10 pm: Somewhere, under the faint glow of an incandescent light in a back bedroom echoes a voice:
“Yes, dear! Be right there! Yes, I know what time it is… I’m just checking a few emails…"
E-mail links to Facebook. Then Twitter follower - who's he? Sermo notice. iMedExchange follower. Funny video on YouTube.

11:01pm: What the ...? Damn. They said THAT? Just a few words on the blog… Shouldn’t take too long…”

(Tweetdeck minimized. Blogger fired up...)

* click click click click click click clickity click …*

Midnight: “Takin' shape. Now, just need a tie up the piece with a linked references. ”

* click clickity click click click clickity click …*

12:20 am:
“Sorry, dear. Getting to bed now…"
Darn it: can’t publish ‘til I spell-check it… But if I do that now…she’ll KILL me!....
"What’s that honey? Oh... yeah… Powering down now…”
* click click click …*

Silence. Proofreading. Then:

“I can’t publish this! It's horrible! * sigh * I've got to look at this again in the morning.”

12:40 am: Windows are minimized, computer left on. Incandescent light extinguished. Tiptoes back to bedroom. Places head on pillow. Tweetdeck chirps heard. No way he's going back in there.

Have. To. Get To. Sleep.
"Did you forget we have to leave for the the track meet at 6:30?"


Cristhián Carvajal Mery said...

That's sort of happening to me. Sometimes there's so many interesting links. I'd love to have more hours to read, analize, publish.
I'm still in med school (Chile), and I feel it's so hard to make all this fit in my academic and personal life.
I Hope that's not my future (the scene), I wouldn't like my wife to wait for me so long.

Sarada Kakinada said...

I haven't quite had that problem yet when it comes to posting for my blog. But that being said, I LOOOOVE to sleep and will look for any excuse to do so.

...I just re-read the above and am finding it slightly ominous, since I am a surgery intern =P

Thanks, as always, Dr. Wes!

PS - I just looked over your bio, I hadn't noticed you're at U. Chicago!! I went there for my undergrad and wrote my senior thesis with peds endo.