Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Looks Like My Job Will Be Secure

All it takes to assure you will keep your local cardiologist employed is 19 strips of bacon and one egg and you've got yourself one heck of a solid bacon burger:
Having read about the difficulties people making such burgers have had keeping them together, I decided to add one large egg to the food processor along with the 19 slices of bacon. I ground the bacon and the egg together, then, using my hands, pulled the mixture out and used a hamburger press to make a burger. It is possible that my hands have been greasier at some point in my life, but if so I have (fortunately) forgotten it. I was not quite prepared for the raw burger to look like pure fat, and I must admit that it didn’t look very appealing. But it was for science, so I soldiered on!

I put the burger on the rack-Pyrex assembly and slid it under the broiler. Having learned a lesson from last week, I turned the stove exhaust fan to high immediately. I peeked in on it as it cooked, and it seemed to be cooking nicely, with tons of little fat bubbles sizzling on top. After seven minutes or so, I took it out to turn it over, and was pleased how easily it flipped. Five minutes later, it looked done, so I took the temperature of the inside (you need to be careful with pork, of course), and it registered at 160 degrees Fahrenheit, so out it came. Now it looked like food, and smelled delicious.
My family and I thank you, America!



Gary M. Levin said...

This comment refers back to an article of Oct 2009 regarding lawyers.
I had a few additions to your list at my blog today.

Keep up the great comments.
Gary L

cynthia bailey md said...

My job is secure too! I was just on a cruise and the sunbathing 'culture' meant that 90% of my fellow tourists were bringing back skin sun damage as a vacation souvenir. With lifestyles like these, it's no wonder the cost of health care is so high in the USA.

Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist