Sunday, July 18, 2010

EMR Lingo

Quick EMR quiz:
Which is the most different?
(1) An "unresulted order"
(2) An "overdue result"
(3) A "result"
(4) An "order cosign"
(5) or a "medication cosign?"

Group highlights (and hence group sign-offs) are not allowed for "unresulted orders" whereas they are for all the others.
(This means I must click every single "unresulted order" one-at-a-time, even though I have no clue how an unresulted order is different from any other order or result.)
Programmers: the semantics of the subtleties between a "result," "unresult," or "overdue result" (not to mention why a medication cosign should any different from all our other order cosigns) leaves all of us who do real medicine completely in the dark.

Just thought you should know.


1 comment:

jimbino said...

Looks like we need to encourage the inmates to run our healthcare asylum; the providers are all caught up in doublespeak.