Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Should Have Been a Radiation Oncologist

... at least according to this old Medical Specialty Aptitude Test from the University of Virginia.

And Cardiology? Well, it was in the top ten.

I wonder if this has ever been validated?


PS: Beware: the test has 130 questions, but they're easy - kind of - you'll see.


Anonymous said...

Off, off topic.

Do not miss this news - it's chilling!

Christian Sinclair said...

Took the test and it was somewhat close. I am a hospice and palliative medicine doctor and while it did not appear that palliative medicine was a choice of specialty (maybe because of the age of the book/test), it encouraged me to seek out medical oncology and psychiatry. Both of which have similar broad skill sets related to palliative medicine.

Jay said...

Nephrology tied with Infectious Diseases for me. Go figure. I can't imagine actually DOING either of these jobs, although I find these fields interesting. Cardiology came in about #5.


The Happy Hospitalist said...

i should have been an occupational medicine doc. I don't even know what they do. Internal medicine came in 35 out of 36, probably because I said I don't have any desire to follow patients long term and I like having a fixed schedule.

No hospitalist medicine as a choice.

Anonymous said...

Radiology & pathology for me; I guess my dislike of people seeped through.