Thursday, March 19, 2009

Devices, Devices Everywhere

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Amazing what we can do these days with devices. Sometimes, it makes for interesting chest x-rays.

So, how many devices can you find? Their use?



Jay said...

Nice film.

In the left upper chest is a biventricular ICD. I'm not sure what model, but it's probably a Boston Scientific Cognis. It's attached to a Medtronic 6947 RV ICD lead, 4194 LV lead and (probably) a 5076 atrial lead. (Very nice LV lead position, by the way.)

In the right upper chest is a Medtronic Soletra deep brain stimulator attached to a DBS lead.

I'm not sure what that is in the left lower chest but given the trajectory of the lead, I'll have to guess its another Medtronic Soletra and DBS lead heading to the other side of the brain. Without a lateral film, I can't be sure, but the lead sure looks the same as what's on the right. I don't know much about DBS, but I suppose if your REALLY jumpy, they'll put leads on both sides of the brain.

This patient is getting state of the art therapy for both systolic congestive heart failure and a movement disorder (probably Parkinson's). He/she also probably belongs on the Medtronic calendar.

Keep them coming. This is fun,


DrWes said...


You got them all right except the biV ICD is a Medtronic Concerto (just in keeping with the Medtronic calendar idea...).

Oh, and you forgot to mention the three EKG electrodes on her chest film, too... (you know, several other "devices.")


Marco said...

...and the wires going up toward her head are for her iPod headphones;)


Anonymous said...

So - does she become the "prize" cadaver at some point in a first year medical students anatomy lab - hopefully many, many years from now?

That would be a whole lot of kowledge to come across all at once in the first year...

Marco said...

It'll be interesting 10,000 years from now when anthropologists unearth our bodies and find artificial hips, dental implants, silicone boobs and whatever else. They may conclude that some of these people must have been really *bad* to deserve such mutilation as punishment !


sayspine said...

I see about 10K of commissions to the sales rep that handed the boxes to the circulator... LOL

Tim Hulsey, MD said...

Marco said...
"...and the wires going up toward her head are for her iPod headphones;)"

Headphones! We don't need no stinkin' headphones! It goes right to her brain!