Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Bad Is It for Hospitals?

It must be pretty bad for some, especially when they have to pull out of the American Hospital Association to save on dues:
"The University of Chicago Medical Center has pulled its membership from the American Hospital Association, the nation's largest hospital trade group and lobby.

AHA spokesman Rick Wade confirmed the U. of C. move, "citing financial considerations." He wouldn't say how much the medical center was paying in annual dues."
If other hospitals follow suit, what will happen to the lobby's effectiveness on the Hill during "reform" talks?


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Anonymous said...

Well, UCMC may be losing its Medicare revenue soon. What the federal government is threatening to do is take away the University of Chicago Medical Center's Medicare certification. The conclusion: that a 78-year-old man brought to the emergency room by ambulance last month was neither triaged nor logged in, even though he was placed in a wheelchair in plain sight of the triage area.

UCMC is acting like one of us ordinary folks, dropping a membership to save a few bucks during this tough economy.

(BTW, Steve Miller, who reported the above, is no stranger to medical journalism - he wrote a good series on his CABG last year. )