Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cell Phones for Cardiac Telemetry

From their press release, AT&T could give a whole new meaning to "dead zones:"
"Mednet, a leading provider of cardiac monitoring products and surveillance services, is helping doctors and patients remotely monitor heart arrhythmia through personal mobile devices. Under a new contract with AT&T, Mednet's HEARTRAK External Cardiac Ambulatory Telemetry (ECAT) solution will facilitate wireless monitoring of patient devices via Bluetooth-enabled cell phones across AT&T's expansive 3G and EDGE wireless data footprint, which covers more than 13,000 cities and towns and 40,000 miles of highway across the country.

Until now, patients using Mednet heart monitors utilized a toll-free number and had to place their monitoring device near a landline phone receiver to send a signal to a central monitoring center."


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Anonymous said...

I hope Mednet cut a deal w/AT&T on international roaming fees for patients who travel overseas - might cause someone a serious shock when the phone bill comes.