Thursday, March 26, 2009

The First 100 Days

Much has been written about the first 100 days of any new President's term in office, but what about the first 100 days after a life-long amputee gets his first "bionic" prosthesis?

Meet Darin Sargent, the proud recipient of the "i-Limb" (from Touch Biotics), the Ferrari if you will, of hand prosthetics. I stumbled upon his blog after I noticed once of his videos showcasing one of the shirts from our Medtees website: "Dude, Where's My Arm?"
" I was born missing my left arm from just below the elbow down and have pretty much been able to accomplish what I have wanted to in my life. This journey is a whole new ball game. From the emotions of taking this step to the challenges of using the i-limb, this is going to be quite a ride.

I thought that I would use this blog to chronicle my journey."
As an engineer at heart, I found the inner workings of the prosthesis and how it's worn particularly interesting, but it pales in comparison to the encouragement and support he lends to others with similar issues through his videos and blog.



Anonymous said...

Dr. Wes,

Thanks so much for the post on your website of this journey that I have been on. It has truly changed my life and I hope my adventure is being an encouragement to others. Thanks again and lets keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! Thanks for posting the link to the adventures of the iLimb! Darin Sargent is an awesome man who happens to be my pastor. So cool!!!

Unknown said...

Right on! As I'm sure you've seen, Darin's quite ecstatic about the iLimb. I know that you've enriched his life, and his infectous personality will in turn enrich many others. Thanks for liking to his blog. Cheers!