Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For the Real iPhone Geek

A cardiologist's dream to improve referrals: a new iPhone heart rate monitor app that uses the iPhone's microphone to detect the pulse over the carotid (neck), radial (wrist) or even the precordium (chest):

iPhone App - Heart Monitor from John Ballinger on Vimeo.

While this is likely to work fine with regular heart rhythms, irregular rhythms like atrial fibrillation will be under-sensed giving falsely low rates because shorter ventricular filling times will cause decreased ejection of blood and hence, decreased sound in the neck area.

Nevertheless, it's sure to be fun for the whole family - just don't call you doctor when it reads zero and you're still conscious.


h/t: tuaw.com


Lisa said...

That is cool!

Now if only they had that for my Samsung Blackjack. Hmmn. I'll keep hoping.

Talk about fun, add twitter & twitpic to your blog next time you are bored. Wheeeee! >:)

Marco said...

The mind boggles...at one time, prank phonecalls consisted of heavy breathing...