Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Cost of Dying

From the Chicago Tribune:
It costs more to die in Illinois, where an average patient in the last six months of life will see a doctor 33 times and spend four days in intensive care, at a cost of more than $26,000. In Oregon, a state with a history of talking more openly about end-of-life care and legalized doctor-assisted suicide, the same patient sees a doctor 17 times and spends two days in an ICU. That average tab runs $19,500.
In my experience, these are very conservative estimates.



Ian Furst said...

In the Canadian election this year there are 4 main parties. The Green Party has roughly 5% of the vote and their health policy seems to rely heavily on 'alternative care'.

But...they also include end-of-life treatment and domestic violence control in their health policy to control costs. Maybe not a bad idea?

Anonymous said...

Might as well save for services that gives you more days of living like those International Air Ambulance Service that we have.