Thursday, July 24, 2008

Change of Shift is Up With Great Content

Kim over at Emergiblog once again hosts Change of Shift - the best of the nursing blog-o-sphere this week. In it, I found this hilarious depiction of a German doctor's clever way to dance his way in to teaching arrhythmias. Be sure to check out atrial fibrillation and the successful defibrillation:




Anonymous said...

Why do you think he's german? (apart from the video title) Never heard of a german University teaching medicine in English. If you look at this video:
(which seesm to be an uncut version of the previous) and the accompanying text, which is in dutch) I would says he's probably dutch. Would make a lot more sense too, because there as far as I know they at least have all their literature and stuff in English.

DrWes said...


Dang. Good detective work... I'll bet you're right...

Thanks for the correction!

Anonymous said...

That was GREAT. If I had had that doctor as my instructor in medical school, I might have been persuaded to become a cardiologist. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens, that was so funny!

My kids were watching, "Mom! What the heck are you watching? THat's not funny. That guy's just weird!"

Well, it's funny to me.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I loved it. I waited in anticipation of atrial fibrillation, thinking it would be the pretty lively, but V fib took the prize. How creative!