Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Grand Rounds for Independence Day

Dr. Rich over at the Covert Rationing Blog carries the flag:
This week, bloggers from across the Internet have submitted articles that will help us celebrate the 232nd birthday of the United States of America. Their patriotic postings, organized according to their relationship to the Founding, follow:
And it's worth the time just to read his astute interspersed commentary:
Taking into account the bizarre incentives, Byzantine inefficiencies, and systematized grievances that are provided in such luxurious abundance by Medicare, Happy (and DrRich) can only marvel in dazed wonderment that anyone thinks that turning the whole healthcare system over to these people is a good idea. Imagine our honored forebears clamoring to turn over the entire colonial economic system to the perpetrators of the Stamp Act!
It makes you want to go out and get yourself a muzzle-loader...



Anonymous said...

Yeah, those are great quotes! :) I guess now I'm allowed to carry a gun in DC, right?

DrWes said...

Dr. Val-

Heh. You go, girl!