Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taking the Leap: Why Medicine?

Edwin Leap, MD hosts Grand Rounds this week:
"... my theme this week is ‘Why do we do it?’ That is, medicine being what it is, many providers (nurses, physicians, PA’s, NP’s, etc) are dissatisfied and frustrated. So why is it that all of these good people keep coming back? Why do docs like me return to the packed, over-burdened, understaffed emergency department, day after day, year after year? Why do surgeons operate at all hours on the injured and dying, aging too quickly and leaving their families at home? Why do family doctors care for so many complicated and ungrateful individuals…at a financial loss? Why do students sacrifice so much of their lives to become physicians? Why do nurses endure the hours and patient ratios, the annoying physicians and the pesky families in order to care for the sick? Why do we do it?"



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