Friday, June 27, 2008

Money Talks

Soliciting patient testimonials with cash or rebate incentives?

No thank you.



Anonymous said...

Wow... I don't watch TV much at home, and when I do I have TIVO so I get to fast forward through the 'junk' and get back to Nova Now!

But when visiting Mumma - where the TV is on all day, I was stunned that in the middle of an gripping "Andy Griffith" episode, there was an advertisement for bariatric surgery... Lapband, so very safe! Just look! Showing a bloodless animation of the perfect result where the band is placed and easily tightened (and loosened)...

Several chubby but not grossly obese, people looked very serious and concerned and their comment to the camera was "I'm ready..".

Yeah. Ready to possibly end up with unstoppable diarrhea, a botched job, death from anesthesia, all these are infrequent but not unheard of.

It is certainly an individual's choice, what to do with their body, but people can be given information that is not quite.. shall we say... truthful?

When only the successes are advertised, then it looks like there are only successes.

Cap'n Jan

Marco said...

The mind boggles...a video testimonial for a gastroenterologist fixing somebody's hemmorhoids...