Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Diabetic Concept Car

... it's only the beginning. With this functionality, there will be no more need to worry when you ate your last cracker. Instead, if the device detects your blood sugar's so low that you might lose conciousness, it'll deploy the airbag just in time to wake your ass up!

But that's not all. Just think of the other possibilities we'll soon have with the advent of medical devices interacting with everyday objects.

Now when you're in the throes of passion with your loved one, she'll soon be able to hear you revved up heart beat as your defibrillator reaches its tachycardia detect zone and puts on a full blown light show with our new Bluetooth-enabled Lightning Alarm Clock!

Or use your supraventricular tachycardia to power your blender as you make those early morning smoothies for the family with the 5-speed polycarbonate VitaMix Super 5200 blender!

And now that the really cool G3-enabled iPhone here, you can be the first to upload your favorite heart-rate stimulating selections with the new iPod accessories promised soon! (Just be sure not to upload "Stairway to Heaven.")

Dang. I gotta get working on those patent applications...


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