Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our Latest Recipe

Take one part travel, add two parts time, three parts unforeseen costs (airfare, hotel, car rental fees, meals, oversized-luggage fees), four parts of 15-minute auditions, and five parts stress. Add them to a pot containing one high school senior who’s clueless as to what it takes these days to gain a college acceptance in his chosen field of performance music (cello). Puree with a two-month timeline where frantic families cross paths repeatedly at the same schools.

Add an one ounce uncertainty and two of anxiety.


The result?

Yum. (Rated G: but not for the faint of heart).


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Lisa Emrich said...

Oh dear, I feel for ya and your cellist. Coming from a been there-done that professional musician once on the symphony audition circuit, it takes guts and an extra seat for the cello. Thankfully, my horn fit under the seat.

DrWes said...


Thanks for your kind words. For us science-types who only had to worry about having good grades while applying to college, this process takes the undergrad application process to a whole new level. Not only must they have good grades, but be remarkably talented (for those precious 15 minutes), too. Screw up, and you go home. Do well, and you still don't know where you stand until mid-March.

I have new-found respect for those who apply to college as an arts major.

And I've doubled up on my Pepcid dose.

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

I saw my daughter through three rounds of auditions in voice, dance and drama, WITH call backs, just to get into high school! What that kid pulled off at age 13 was more than I ever could muster at that age or any. She just took her first college tour today (she's still a junior)

Best of luck to your son on his college journey.