Monday, February 04, 2008

Isn't It Ironic?

...that on this eve of the Super Tuesday primaries, healthcare and the mandates that Senator Hillary Clinton is proposing to fund her proposal (supported by the monstrous legal lobby behind her), might be her undoing again?

I mean, garnishing wages to feed insurers?

Well, at least she's telling it like she sees it. David Catron of the blog Health Care BS frames the problems for Sen. Clinton from a national (and yes, more conservative) viewpoint clearly.


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Anonymous said...

Well she's right that universal health care doesn't work if you let people opt out - the very young and very healthy will opt out to save the money, thus undermining the system.

I think the insurance company aspect is a concession to the fact that they are such powerful entities that a single payer plan probably couldn't be accomplished right now.