Monday, November 28, 2016

Staying Prepared at Christmas

Good Samaritan cardiologists never know when they (or someone else) might need 81 mg of aspirin  this holiday season.  Here are some fancy cufflinks (seen in clinic today) that every cardiologist should consider:


PS: I have no commercial interest in this gift idea. :)

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Lisa said...

That's cute, Wes. But in an emergency the enteric coated aspirin aren't very helpful & most of those 81mg aspirins are meant for daily use and aren't going to dissolve for at least 45 minutes. To my surprise, some HOSPITALS only keep enteric-coated because of the feeling that this is SAFE. If you're having a heart attack you need plain aspirin, no coating. It can save a life as you realize.

If you're hospital ONLY stocks enteric coated aspirin, then PLEASE do not give people the speech about how your life hangs in the balance and you would likely die were it not for this little aspirin. Just don't go there if you don't have uncoated aspirin.

Also, you're too young for those glasses hanging around your neck but if your stomach tolerates it you're just the right age for 81mg daily aspirin regimen so I hope you'll take that to heart.