Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Images of Change: Charting

Image courtesy Kathy Neider, MD, Staff Physician, Baptist Health

"I'm sitting where my credenza used to be, stacked high with charts. I figured if I was going to be in my office till late at night finishing electronic charting, it might as well be in a comfortable place."

Submitted as part of Image of Change: A Health Care Evolution Photo Contest. Feel free to submit yours (Instructions at the link).  -Wes


Discount Cardiology said...

EMR integration has really taken off in the past few years. We have seen a major increase in sales of EMR compatible diagnostic equipment. I have seen a single tablet being used for the office ekg machine, spirometer, holter system, and sleep study portal. This used to be a room full of equipment and file cabinets. The only problem that I see is that some EMR companies will handcuff a particular machine to their software. This forces doctors to buy a brand that is overpriced and unfamiliar. Although their are some hurdles, I think the PC based equipment and EMR integration is going to eventually be reqarding. My 2 cents from a GM of a large Cardiology equipment and supply company.

Anonymous said...

I will believe in fair billing when I see reimbursement for the clinician's review of the radiologist's reading. A hospital cannot be accredited unless every film is read by a radiologist. Clinically, however, we have to look at films, and sometimes path specimens ourselves. This time is not compensible, yet it is often important to patient care.