Monday, February 14, 2011

When A Cardiologist Has a Heart Attack

... the revelations for both the cardiologist and his patients are profound:
The doctor-turned-patient admits he’s faced some challenges in following the advice that he has given cardiac patients all these years.

“I try to go to the gym several times a week. It’s very difficult to fit that into my schedule,” he said. “I had adjusted my diet years ago, avoiding salt and eating less red meat. Now I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast five days a week.”

Lewin joined the cardiac rehabilitation program at the Ortenzio Heart Center at Holy Spirit, where he often ran into his own patients, who were surprised to see their doctor walking the treadmill.

“Some of them thought I was just coming to exercise,” Lewin said with a laugh. “People would tell me, ‘Gee, I have an appointment to come see you next week.’”

Lewin said his personal experience with cardiac rehab helps him relate better to his patients. “I can identify more now with what they’re going through and the concerns they face,” he said — and the challenge it can be to follow doctor’s orders.


Dennis said...

I am seen by an assigned revolving cardiologist from the group I use in my county as ALL the practicing cardiologist belong the group. It is less than satisfying but one must make due. My electrophysiologist is a young doctor... late thirties I would guess and although he is empathetic he surely does not really understand the emotional stress a half and dozen unnecessary shocks can do to your psychological state of mind.
He is young and healthy and I remember my own years at that age... hell, I would raise the anchor and set out on a thousand mile solo passage believing I would live forever. Its like a war... if you have never been in one, you will never understand it.

makin said...

I hope it's not impossible to develop empathy without destroying your own health, since I hope to be a doctor soon, but I hope to never have a heart attack. I'll try my best, promise! But forgive me if I don't get sick, myself.