Sunday, January 08, 2006

Join the Counterculture!

Well, it seems our little website,, is gaining momentum in its countercultural revolution to acknowledge that illness happens, it’s okay, and we can get through it. Dr. Helen is wonderfully quoted by Patrick Kampert of the Chicago Tribune in the brief article. Sorry the article’s picture of us wearing some of the shirts isn’t on line… but there’s still time to purchase the paper (see the Q section)! Thanks to all who’ve made our site so rewarding and so FUN. Spread the word, you just might make someone’s day a bit brighter…after all, that’s what it’s all about!


Helen said...

Hi Dr. Wes,

I liked the article--put up a post about it at my blog. Thanks again to you and your wife for making the t-shirts available.

Anonymous said...

I like the T-shirts but I'm puzzled. "It's kind of a countercultural idea," Wes Fisher said in the kitchen of his home. "People in Western culture really don't think it's OK to have an illness or be sick." I'm not aware of a non-Western culture in which people think it's OK to be sick. Can you direct me? Thanks.

DrWes said...

Okay, you can't tell me that all those folks with skinny bodies, perfect complexions, boob implants are not truly a Western phenomenon.... the media inundates us with such images, but doesn't tell it like it is.... I dare say most of us are living perfectly acceptable lives with less than perfect bodies, less than perfect health, and doing just fine, thank you. That's the countercultural message we're trying to spread...


Anonymous said...

Here's one:

"Tan Today - Melanoma tomorrow"