Thursday, September 17, 2009

XBox 360 Helps Heart Researchers

Need good graphics for a research project modeling the electrophysiology of myocardium? Well, sometimes the best ideas come from adapting existing technology used for the gaming community:
Dr Simon Scarle, a researcher on the Warwick team, used a single Xbox 360 Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) to model how electrical signals were transmitted through damaged heart cells.

The chip is able to perform parallel processing at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated "cluster" system or a network of PCs.

Dr Scarle said: “You don't quite get the full whammy of a cluster, but it’s close.

"Instead of pumping out stunning graphics, it's reworked; in the case of my research, rather than calculating the position of a structure and texture it's now working out the different chemical levels in a cell."
Maybe this is how we can start to recruit more teens for the basic sciences...


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Symposier said...

I've seen different medical applications derived or made from videogames, for example there is a videogame for the portable Nintendo Ds console for surgeons to practice incisions, another one for dentists also for Nintendo DS. The way videogames SIMULATE real things is making them a powerful tool ( The GPU and CPU of videogame Consoles are very powerful and specially made to process multiple threads at the same time), not only in medicine but in many fields. Another great advantage is that today its very ea