Saturday, September 05, 2009

What Not To Call A Nurse

I have no idea how this topic came up, but I was performing a permanent pacemaker implant yesterday, and someone said to me,
Is that okay, Hun?
And a nurse giggled and then blurted out:
Oh I hate when patient's call me "Honey!" "Sugar" is fine, but "Honey?" Never!
And so the other names like "Nutrasweet" were briefly entertained, as was "Candy." The chuckles continued.

After a lengthy discussion, there appeared to be a general consensus amongst the nurses and techs in our lab that "Sugar" was okay.

Just never, ever call a nurse "Honey."

Consider yourself warned.



Keith said...


Does that include my wife? (she's a nurse).

ShrinkingDoc said...

But it's OK to call your EP guy "Hun"?

Amy said...

I had an ex friend say that, and I quote, "Nurses are people that are not smart enough to go to medical school". I think that phrase is one that should not be told to nurses, especially when we are the ones who start your IVs (could always use a bigger needle if you piss me off) and bring your medications!