Thursday, September 03, 2009

Strong-arming Caregivers

"Hey Sally, us guys wanna help you wid your kid, see? Maybe gets you a few more dollas, ya know. All ya gots to do is sign dis here form and we'll take care of da rest, capeesh?"

"Uh, I'm not sure I really want unions representing me as I care for my son at home."

"Whatdyamean? Everybody knows dat da governor here in Illinois is on board. Heck he allowed collective bargaining by, ya know, 'individual providers of home-based support services.' So dat means you, Sally. We're nothing but angels, really."

"Are you saying I can go on strike and not wipe my son's rear end?"

"Hey, not so harsh, Sally! You know we'd never suggest such a thing! Look, for a mere $2000 a year, we'll represent your interests down state. It'll be nothin' but roses, seriously. I mean, look at 'em. No one's got answers on nuthin' down der. Ain't it time to make some heads roll? Comeon, Sal. Sign da form."


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Anonymous said...

I like your posts! I am a family care giver. Temp moved to NC from Chicago to care for dad because I dont trust a stranger to take care of my dad and my dad deserves me!

I let a couple of home health care people work with dad here in NC. Yikes. I am glad I was in same room with dad and "care giver." Several different home health people worked with dad. The common denominator - dopes.