Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Cool ICD Tattoo

A friend of one of our device nurses who has an implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) had a truly reflective moment recently when she tried to decide what would be a cool tattoo to don. She saw one of our t-shirts and used it as an inspiration for her tattoo. I must say, I like her design better:




Anonymous said...

Getting a tattoo disqualifies the bearer from being a blood, marrow and tissue-donor. So does piercings.

Anonymous said...

only for 1 year. Pretty sure if this person has an internal defibrillator, they won't be donating any time soon.

Unknown said...

I have an ICD and donated regularly for years. Haven't lately. But I was glad to see this post because I wanted to get a tatoo but was wondering about interference with the implant by the electrical tatoo work. Obviously it is fine.