Monday, May 19, 2008

Women's Heart Health: The Perils of Nonconformity

According to the American Heart Association, Minneapolis, MN, home of all three of the major medical device manufacturers (Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and St. Jude Medical) was the most "heart friendly" city in their recently-released ranking of the most Heart Friendly Cities for Women.*

Nashville, TN was heralded as the worst city. (St. Louis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Columbus, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Cleveland and Indianapolis round out the loser list.)


Now cities have rankings compiled by donation amounts to the American Heart Association! Go Red!

So come on now, Nashville and other bastions of womanly insensitivity. Stop being so policitally incorrect! Get your act straight, for goodness sake! Take it from us guys. Conform.

Or else you're going to keep getting, er, well, um, publically bitch-slapped by the American Heart Association.


* Please note Minnesota's obesity ranking.

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