Friday, March 14, 2008


With no love lost between the two Democratic presidential candidates about health care mandates and such, so much for making patient safety the centerpiece of medical liability reform, huh?

Seems this "critical legislation" hasn't gone anywhere since 9/28/2005.

I guess this NEJM piece was nice window dressing - especially when we review the legal professions' contributions to the democratic candidates...

Sorry. It's just NOT about the patients, is it?



Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm a lawyer, and I feel like you just kicked me in the gut. Not all of us are unreasonable people.

I'm also a little confused. Are the Republican candidates supporting the proposed legislation?



DrWes said...


The issue here is not with lawyers per se, but rather the influence that special interests have on our government moving legislation forward or letting it die in committee.

There are many lawyers who work on both sides of the aisle here, but the overwhelming 7:1 contributions by lawyers vs doctors, and their overwhelming 3:1 bent supporting the Democrats, makes us doctors despair that no real reform will occur in healthcare - especially as it relates to the doctor-patient relationship.

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated subject, are you able to comment on the article in the Sat. March 15th, 2008 Tribune Business section that states that Evanston Northwestern may end its longtime affiliation with Northwestern University to join up with Rosalind Franklin University.
To be honest, I have never heard of Rosalind Franklin University.