Monday, March 31, 2008

Dr. Wes to Host Grand Rounds

Okay, great and powerful blog-o-sphere, flick those fancy fingers and find your best to fire this way next week as I host the medical blog-o-sphere's Grand Rounds edition Vol 4, No 29 on April 8th, 2008. Let's make this the best one EVER! (This week's April Fool's Grand Rounds it's being hosted over at GruntDoc).

Sensational posts should be the norm, not drab fluff used to fill time voids. Be creative, snarky, insightful, clever, ingenious. Make people laugh, make them cry - it really doesn't matter. Just think, people, THINK!

Being of an eclectic mind, topics can be of your choosing; docs, nurses, administrators, legal beagles, health policy gurus, wonks, wonkettes, and patients are encouraged to submit their best and brightest works relating to medicine and healthcare. (Obviously, the shortest posts or those with lots of pictures or those with accompanying payment to my PayPal account will get highest ranking...)

Seriously, I'm still working on an organizational scheme, but I'm hoping the tapestry develops as the week progresses. So have fun.

Please send posts to wes at medtees dot com and include "Grand Rounds" in the Subject line, blog name, the post URL, and a brief 1-2 sentence description of the work. Do NOT send me the Word document nor send multiple posts (please, one post per person). Posts will be accepted until 8AM Monday, 7 Apr 08 your time. Late posts will be ridiculed mercilessly.



Dreaming again said...


Kim said...

Did you just offer space for money?

Why didn't I think of that! : D

I'll make up an especially juicy post for the 8th.

Kim : D