Saturday, March 22, 2008

Meet My Blog Parents

Yesterday on our way South we had a chance to meet some mega-bloggers: Dr. Helen Smith (Dr. Helen) and Glenn Reynolds of fame. Helen and Glenn were the people who were instrumntal at introducing me to the blog-o-sphere.

It was funny how I learned of this strange world: Glenn posted a picture of Helen wearing one our t-shirts from on Instapundit, sending such a flood of traffic that I wondered if I was having a denial-of-service attack.

So Glenn and Helen, here's to you! I hope my three readers flood your sites with some blog love, too!



scalpel said...

Congratulations. That's really cool.

Anonymous said...

Make that four readers now (like the Conchords). Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Only 3 visitors? Yeah right ... I would be thrilled to have your readership! In any case, I think you attract loyal visitors because you posts are more than just a soundbite, and they are often quite instructive. You certainly maintain one of the most worthwhile medical blogs out there. And it's great that now more people are noticing!

SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...

She has a great blog and i have had her on my blogroll for a while now.

Isn't it nice that you got together.:)

Like the T-shirts to-great idea! :)