Monday, August 13, 2007

Heart Surgeons: Now's Your Chance

It seems that the domain name is up for sale. Either a clever entrepreneur is offering this for your acquisition, or Mid-Atlantic Surgical Associates has fallen on tough times. They seem intrigued that reportedly went for $550,000, but I've seen this amount proported by two different purchasers over the last three months. Seeing as has internet dating and music downloads associated with it, I'm not sure it's such a good deal. Gee, could want to go the same way?

Given the declining surgeries heart surgeons are seeing this days, though, it might be a declining asset and go for cheap.

Right now, the bid is $102.50 on e-Bay.


Addendum: 16 Aug 2007 @ 1830: Wow, bidding's up to $8,600!

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Anonymous said...

you think the $8600 is a real offer?