Saturday, August 04, 2007


So my wife goes to see her opthalmologist for minor surgery to remove a growth on her eyelid. She doesn't take kindly to needles and becomes vagal - nearly passing out as she tries to rise from the examining chair.

Her ophthalmologist, not blinking an eye, states: "Don't you dare fall. I have no idea how to bill for the care you'll receive if you do."



rlbates said...

I hope he was kidding. When patients become "vagal" in my office, I quickly get them to sit or lay back down, get them a wet cloth and fan, and reassure them that all will be better in a few minutes. I have never given any thought to how I would "bill for the services given if they fell". What he should worry about is the liability for an injury incured in his office.

DrWes said...


Gratefully, he was saying this as he made her lay back down and raised her legs... I'm sure he wouldn't have said this if the headn't been our neighbors, too! (But it did make me smile...)