Monday, May 14, 2007

Surgical FlashLites

Found this at the Heart Rhythm Society meeting, and finally had a chance to download a few pics from my camera. Check out this little flashlite that uses a small adhesive disk to attach to surgical gloves or an electrocautery pen:

It might just help bail someone out of a surgical "hole" when you can't find that bleeder in the back of a sugical pocket. The sterile mini-flashlite seels for $19 each and uses a small LED lite bulb. I suspect the glove or electrocautery pen should be dry before attaching, so you might have to change gloves before applying one of these. Here's a closer view:

The device, called SiteLight® is made by Pressure Products, Inc., which makes lots of little gizmos for the electrophysiology surgical suite. We also saw sterile laser pointers for teaching, too, although I could not find either of these devices yet on their website, yet. The shelf life of the packaging is about three years, we were told, due to sterility issues.

This might also be useful for folks in the ER. It's almost like this small company is becoming the Sharper Image or Brookstone of electrophysiology surgical products.


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