Monday, May 07, 2007

Be Careful Screening Job Applicants

Especially when you want to employ an alcoholic as a beer tester: he might sue:
A Brazilian court has ordered local brewer Ambev to pay 100,000 reals (US$49,400; euro36,400) to an alcoholic beer taster who drank about a liter and a half (3.2 pints) of beer each day.

The unidentified employee alleged that the company did not provide the health measures needed to keep him from developing alcoholism, a labor court in the Rio Grande do Sul state said in a statement Friday.

The employee said in his lawsuit that for more than a decade, he drank between 16 and 25 small glasses of beer during his eight-hour shifts at the company

The employee said he also received a bottle of beer after each shift.

An initial ruling had favored Ambev, or Companhia de Bebidas das Americas, which can still appeal the decision. The company alleged the employee already was an alcoholic before becoming a beer taster.

Judge Jose Felipe Ledur said the company still was negligent because an alcoholic should never have been made a beer taster.
I wonder if the hospital had enough Valium to get the guy through D.T.'s.



Ablate This! said...

Hi Dr. Wes,

I assume you'll be at HRS this week. I'm an EP fellow at the Cleveland Clinic. Several of us fellows read your blog and enjoy your comments. I'll keep an eye out for you in Denver.

Shane Bailey

DrWes said...

Shane -
You bet! Can't wait to get some CME brain candy... I'll look forward to meeting you!