Thursday, March 08, 2007

McDonald's New Sandwich a Whopper

With the introduction of the “Angus Third” sandwich from McDonald's in California, beef-lovers will rejoice but the trans fat food Nazi’s will swoon. My children, on the other hand, will appreciate McDonald's donating to their college fund. After all, we’ll give America more calories (720-860 per sandwich) to support the obesity epidemic and provide America with another delicious source of saturated and trans fats.

It give's a new meaning to Where's the Beef?

Oh, well. Just have it your way.

Thanks, McDonald's.


PS: Oh, who’s going to tell New York City that beef contains trans fats??? Think they'll be able to sell the Angus Third there?

16:45 8 Mar 2007 Addendum: Why not go all out, like these guys do.


Anonymous said...

I'm in CA and have not heard any ad campaigns. Looks like it is only in So Cal.
Heard on the radio this week that Mickie Ds sales were up. That should defray the college costs.

Can't remember the last time I was in one though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, Dr. Wes! The "Taco Town" video was hilarious, but also has a lot of truth in it!

Anonymous said...

hi doc wes,1st time here ,but the taco town video is a hoot! take care and thanks