Thursday, March 01, 2007

Health Care Should Include Dental Care

In the debate for public health care coverage, we should not forget about the importance of dental care.


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SuperStenoGirl said...

As a Canadian, it is very hard for me to accept that in such a large and developed country as the U.S., there are people without health care coverage. While the health care in Canada is not perfect, it covers you a lot better than other places and the thought that someone would die from not obtaining dental care is, in a word, absurd.

Even myself, though I have extended medical insurance through the HEU (Hospital Employees Union), my dental is also covered for up to 80%. The same goes for my medications. Anything over $25 and I get reimbursed.

There are many doctors taking new patients and many dentists who are doing the same.

I think the US needs to catch up and try to get on an even keel with Canada on this issue. People deserve good health care coverage, and not providing it is one of the serious downfalls of the U.S., in my opinion.

$80 could have saved that child.
$80...I can't.. it's so hard to believe coming from the country I do.

If we're sick, we go to a walk in clinic, get a prescription and pay for the filling fee - or whatever it's called.

It's so sad, and I will pray for the family of the young boy. This should not have happened.