Monday, February 19, 2007

Your Blinkin' Heart

For the craftspeople and engineering wannabe's out there, now's your chance to make your own LED heart t-shirt. You'll need:
A T-shirt that you are willing to sacrifice in the name of love
98 3mm red LEDs (1.8-2.1V @ appx 10 mA)
two DM7474 IC's (flip flops)
one DM7492 IC (2 input nand gate)
one ne555 timer
4.7 uf capacitor (over 9 volts)
.01 uf capacitor
.1 uf capacitor
one variable resistor (100k ohm max)
one 470 ohm resistor
three 1k ohm resistors
one 560 ohm resistor
1 nine volt battery + clip
Hard Drive cable (or wire)
Another T-shirt or some fabric
Needle + Thread (or a sewing machine)
wire cutters
Soldering Iron
I just don't know how comfortable it would be, but it sure would turn some heads.


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