Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Telepathic Light Switch?

Under the heading, "Nerds -R- Us," Medtronic engineers are working on systems to perform actions in response to neural signals:
The Medtronic engineer demonstrated a "brain clapper" that monitored alpha waves to tell when a subject's eyes were open or closed. By opening and closing his eye in a demo video, Denison was able to turn a light on and off in his lab.
Next up: a new way to select a tune on your iPod...



Anonymous said...

Dr. Fisher,
The key statistic in the table you cite is "Incidence per patient year" (the last column in the table). The absolute numbers (listed in the Events column) may be interesting but without knowing the population from which those numbers were drawn, those numbers are meaningless. If you compare the incidence figures (which are the only figures you can meaningfully compare), the results show very little difference (and certainly no statistical difference) between Ranolazine and Placebo. This was the point that Dr. Sweeney was obviously trying to make but which you seem to have missed.

DrWes said...

Anony 5:32 -
Please see comments on earlier post.


Penis Clapper
I read that one of the tests for a pedifile is that they attach a electromyograph to the suspect's penis and then show certain images of adults and children.
If a signal is registered for the images of children the diagnosis is verified.
Isn't it possible to use this device, for normal men, to allow them to secretly operate the stereo and lower the lights when on a date at the proper time?

DrWes said...

a e nueumann -
I guess the possibilities are endless...