Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Grand Rounds 3.20 is Up

Dr. Couz brings us the human side of medicine over at Tales From the Emergency Room and Beyond for Grand Rounds 3.20, a weekly summary of the best of the medical blog-o-sphere:
More than most other professions, medicine has the ability to devour all it touches. Those who enter the world of medicine as patients soon find it difficult to identify themselves beyond the confines of their label-- at least within the walls of the hospital. Those who enter into it as a career soon discover just how far-reaching a life in medicine is. Interests and relationships that once defined us as people too often take a backseat to the demands of medicine. Too easily we find that we lose sight of ourselves. We advise patients to rest, exercise, eat right, deal with stress, develop good coping mechanisms... and then we go home, order out, catch up on paperwork and try to fit in a few moments with our loved ones before catching a few hours of sleep.


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