Sunday, October 07, 2018

The MOC Fight

From Medical Economics:
“Physicians are pushing legislation on the state level because they don’t trust the ABMS [American Board of Medical Specialties] and its financial conflicts of interest,” says Paul Mathew, MD, a volunteer board member of the NBPAS in Cambridge, Mass. “Many feel the only way to declaw the tiger is legislative action due to insurance companies and academic institutions having no reason to change their pro-MOC policies.” The ABMS oversees MOC for its 24 boards.


Anonymous said...

For a journal called medical economics, it seems that the article should include a cost analysis of lost wages for physicians, possible harm to patients losing access to their physicians and the cost to physicians to continue with MOC. What are the medical consequences of MOC and why hospitals and credentialing boards do not wish to stop an unproven program,

Anonymous said...

and let's not forget, with more and more hospitals employing Physicians, and contractually paying their "professional fees", MOC is costing Hospitals! Not just direct expenses like the actual ABMS fees, but travel, lodging, supplemental study materials, and of course, LOST TIME seeing patients!