Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Ending MOC Nationwide

Continuing education for physicians is important (and we've been doing it all our lives on our own), but when working physicians' right to care for their patients is threatened by unaccountable non-profit testing organizations that have serious undisclosed conflicts of interest, we will take action.


P.S.: Patients, doctors: want to help? You can still donate.


Out-of-Touch Barons and Special Interest Vassals said...

All that x'pensive MOC'aganda 'bout "fancy dinners" costs money.
We can't afford to support Baron's huge paychecks and lavish lifestyle. Plain and simple.

Nor do we appreciate paying for the ABMS' BS executive teams' with their penchant for hiring spendy PR firms to subvert the truth.

Don't they see they are the ones reducing quality and raising the cost of healthcare?
All that money down the drain inventing lame studies and bogus deflective propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Why do I keep getting these cruel and unusual pajama-grams from Dr. Baron all the time saying it's time to pay up and do my MOC?

Does it have anything to do with equity, value and quality? We all know the answer to that is no.

Or do those emotion-crushing reminders to "pay/keep up" have everything to do with ABIM's outrageous overhead and executive-centric payouts to themselves. Is it not negligence to keep doing the same old useless things, while being in the arrears/nearly insolvent for years revolving around their irregular and highly unusual practice of using deferred accounting methods.

I understand the IRS hasn't reviewed their non-profit status for decades. Why should we as patients, physicians, and taxpayers triple pay for all of their messy accounting and continued largess. MOC is fueling continuous negligence largess nothing more.

Anonymous said...

MOC has nothing to do with continuous learning. Any child can see this. MOC is about continuous cash flow and control of physicians to keep the free lunch going at the ABMS and all their quality cronies. But most of all to keep the "industry" and big special interests happy.

And to think that ABMS and the medical boards used to respect the meaning of voluntary. They used to respect and honor the meaning of a self-regulating profession. The ABIM/ABMS used to consider term limits sacred and steered clear of conflicts of interest.

When was the last time they did any of that? Well over fifty years ago?

Now it's all gone to hell.

Common Sense said...

This has all gotten so out of hand. The only way to solve this crisis over MOC and bring medical certification industry back in touch with reality is to end MOC completely. The overwhelming body of facts support doing this and even the votes are there at the AMA delegates and probalby 97% of all physicians. The other 3% make some market out of MOC.

Then make the medical boards all voluntary again with the best minds working to create a test to be given near or at the end of residency and fellowship. Make all the boards restrict terms to the extreme. It all gets incestuous and abusive.

Take the money and influence out of the equation. Fire all the executives and psychos (ridiculous excesses) and create a fair and meaningful test each year with full disclosure of what is needed to be studied and what is on the exams. End the copyright nightmare and punitive criminal and civil bullshit. The boards are creating divisiveness, useless hardship and burnout with their policies and collusion with industry, which they are loathe to admit.

Knowledge did not begin with the ABMS or ABIM, and it will not end if they went away and physicians began quizzing each other again as they have done for millennia. And they need to do this again and get the rent seekers practicing medicine again and doing their fair share to ease the physician shortage.

Right now the professional medical bureaucrats clearly only add the burnout and they themselves are a big cause of physician shortages. EHR, which these medical politicians support is another big cause of problems with patient access. Too burdensome, time consuming and costly. It ought to be simplified or tossed. The experiment failed. Or was it also all about the money and control.

Anonymous said...

Moc is a fiat currency whose value is rightfully ridiculed. It is a financial and political tool only. So MOC is justifiably mocked, because it's and invention with no verifiable scientific validity, and therefore no real underlying worth at all.

But MOC has worth for those getting rich off it, like Rich and the other medical board CEOs and their executives who use the non-profits as their personal political pogo sticks and financial hula hoops. They make everyone else dance, so they can do nothing except move their elitist lips to the tune of of "corporate profit", so they can do nothing useful for a living.

And you can see these professional politico medicos are extremely skilled, clever, and even quite cunning about doing their jobs. It is impressive for at least a few minutes as they go to work on us with the smooth, slick way they try to present it all.

How they can dress up a lie almost seamlessly, and how they can remember to remove the chicken fluff from their teeth before speaking in public. Almost every time. Although after Chris Cassel and Bob Wachter, et al, showed how much blood and fluff they could devour and cover, up all bets were off on decency and honor. With political fervor and money it seems some believe that anything goes.

I talking about the conflicts of interest and soft shoeing around scandals involving outright fraud and corruption at the quality assurance/safety industry. Just in case no one is following the news and digging a bit for the real truth.

Maybe we should call it a racket, this quality/safety industry when it is exposed to its nerve and bone, as it has at times by the DOJ and other regulatory agencies. But for some reason nobody is ever really punished in the crimes to send a message that is it not acceptable in this country. A clear message needs to be sent by authorities that have a duty to the public. It is all settled for some untold millions, whatever the indictment/investigation justifies.

A message that charlatans and cheats do not represent medicine or the public. That sounds harsh, but the underlying reality is critical and we have crossed a threshold in this country that I never imagined possible. The tide of corruption/conflicts of interest/cheating and how it has become acceptable and even fashionable. It has got to be reversed.

It is so ironic, yet tragic, that we have profit-seeking monopolistic "snake oil sellers" and "charmers" at the ABMS, ACGME, NQF, NCQA, and on and on playing the pipe for MONOPOLISTIC CORPORATIONS and elitists that profit in behalf of it all.

The song is a sad reflection on the state of the world and a far cry from anything that most of us could ever feel good about singing - even for all the money and power in the world.

Where is the equity in it when elitists through highly manipulative and cunning means such as MOC control us and monopolize the lions share of wealth in this nation and around the globe.

DG said...

What they know fully well at the ABMS is that MOC, and all they do with their MOC money, for- profit verification fees, membership dues, unknown "international revenues", and research foundation transfers, belies the fact that the ABIM and the rest of the medical boards comprise a broken machine with policies that are harming healthcare.
Harm they ascribe to without blush, while their executive payouts keep rising every year. It's not about COLA, but about "hush money" with which to stave off the truth about MOC and all the rest of the shenanigans that they do.

Anonymous said...

MOC universally harms patients and ubiquitously harms physicians in the trenches.
What's worse ABIM management/executives really do understand that MOC is all about filling their conflicted pockets. Otherwise they would not need to protect it by spending millions each year to hold on to it.

Bottom line.
In exchange for 'selling out' for happy days, blue skylines, and lucrative paydays, the medical board bureaucrats are providing/receiving guidance and consultations regarding their partners' portfolios full of high-growth healthcare assets and investments.

Engineering their own financial and political empires to mutual benefit of each other.

Anonymous said...


On behalf on many, many physicians I want to thank you for all of your efforts!

The whole certification process is out of hand and you have done a tremendous job of following this process over the years.

Certification was meant to be voluntary, not restriction of trade.

God bless you for speaking up.