Saturday, July 30, 2016

When Patients Tweet Their Own Heart Attack

I was called at 04:30AM for a patient with tachycardia in the hospital and as I logged into my EMR from home, I saw this on Twitter:

In under two hours, there were 15 retweets, 44 "likes," and 19 comments that appeared on Twitter (so far), most wishing the patient the best, looking forward to pictures of the angiogram, etc.

This is the lovely world of social media, but it also demonstrates his very real limitations of the medium when potential life-and-death health care issues arise.

Not a single person on Twitter with its myriad of participants rushed to Dr. Rogers' aid, called an ambulance (tho' I suppose this depends on who's "following" Dr. Rogers on Twitter), started an IV, placed him on oxygen, gave him an aspirin, grabbed that EKG, prepped the cath lab, opened Dr. Rogers' coronary artery, spoke to his family, or held his hand. Social media reassurance, prayers, and good wishes can only go so far.

This is not too say there is not value in those prayers and good wishes. But we should remember that medicine and medical issues are real life, not digital.

And we should never forget the limitations of all of the digital technology in the world when it comes to delivering hands-on medical care to our fellow man, woman, or child. That requires those much-less-interesting real people, real workers, and real professionals (all on call 24/7/365) to help Mr. Rogers through his ordeal.

God speed, Dr. Rogers. I'm sure you're in the best of hands.



Lisa said...

Wes, that was nice of you to start an IV, place him on oxygen, give him an aspirin, grab that EKG, prep the cath lab, open Dr. Rogers' coronary artery, speak to his family, and hold his hand.

But, "This is not too say there is value in those prayers and good wishes"? Maybe someone's prayer helped, somehow somewhere. After all it did get you up in the middle of the night, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

Just a hunch, but I suspect that sentence was supposed to read "This is not to say there isn't value in those prayers and good wishes"

Most of us could use an understanding editor after being roused at 4:30am.

DrWes said...

Anony -

Precisely. You make a great editor. Correction made.

Thanks -

Lisa said...

Wes, the edit is appreciated! You know, when we're really tired we speak more from the heart so I hope your faith isn't wavering. Or maybe you were tossing a bone to @manndmd who would enjoy the original.

Art Fougner MD said...

Hopefully, he sent via text, email, or Fax to his own physician & local ED before Tweeting.

Anonymous said...

Social media informs, but cannot do. Only people can/will do.

Social media alone will not end mandatory MOC. We need people to introduce state legislation with strong language and clear broad-sweeping protections for patients and physicians. MOC harms all--patient and physician.

MOC even harms the ABMS umbrella organization and all the member boards, because the money which enables them to keep doing the wrong things creates legal liability. The executives are "puppets", "stooges" and "vampires" enticed by outrageous compensation packages to advance corrupt corporate agendas and engage in ambitious political influence and persuasions.

Utilizing their well-established lobbying capacity and network of "back-channel connections" to Washington, ABMS and their member boards have acted both as political bureaus and financiers for the hidden and overt activities of highly compensated executives in their "employ" in order to assist their corporate and political cronies. A surfeit of funds in the executives bank account is nothing less than the appearance of a "bribe" or a "kickback".

The ABMS brings shame and legal liability on themselves, including all their leadership and staff, when they ignore the legal requirement to remain non-pecuniary, apolitical organizations. The threshold and boundary for this legal constraint was transgressed decades ago. ABMS member bylaws are all based on strictly worded articles of incorporation, which include Internal Revenue Service agreements requiring them to abide by rulings and updates to United Sates tax code.

The articles and tax codes prohibit such egregious violations involving creative financial investitures and outrageous inurement packages, which the public is becoming more aware of and troubled by. What's more alarming to the public is ABMS execs have rewarded themselves to excess in order to pay for their engagement in a preponderance of what can be argued in court as demonstrable political activities.

We clearly understand that involvement in partisan politics, medical and political propaganda, social reform, influencing politicians to pass health care reform with ever-increasing regulatory capture for physicians is wrong and illegal. These transgressions of the ABMS/ABIM suspends the original contract with countless breaches. That the ABIM violated civil liberties and privacy to restrain trade and mute a political voice--all these dark blotches are just the tip of the iceberg.

It is the hope of the "many" that these and the many other egregious offences will be independently investigated and the "professional elites" responsible for the public fraud, political propaganda, and financial deception will finally be prosecuted.

We are a nation of laws with a democratic government designed to be of, for and by the people. We are not a country of oligarchs who dictate domestic and foreign affairs, including the nation's healthcare.

We are not a republic that enables Chicago and Philadelphia mobs to secretly hire felons in order to strong-arm the people with fear-mongering tactics to protect their racketeering enterprises.

We are not a body of people prone to believe incessant propaganda; nor can we easily be swayed and propelled into action by lies which supports insanely criminal social agendas that feign to nurture egalitarian principles, professionalism, safety and patient welfare--all with a faux veneer of ethics and respectability.

Once alerted to bold facts, we as a country of intelligent people quickly engage in bold corrective action. The intelligence of the American public is tired of lies, political pandering and elitism. The physician's keen mind, like a surgical laser, burns through the fog of lies and puts a fan of truth on the barrage of carefully worded ABIM/ABMS smokescreens.

Lisa said...

Yes, MOC is a harmful to the medical profession and therefore to patients. The idea that we're a "country of intelligent people quickly engage in bold corrective action" is a fabulous ideal, but has been less and less the case. There will have to be a lot of cleanup. You may think we are all wading waist deep in poop, but it's piled up so high over our heads it almost seems insurmountable. Follow @MedicalQuack for more news on the corruption and conflicts of interest. It's angering but we all need to know so we can push for cleanup.

I hope @EM_Educator will get lots of RTs on his heart attack. It's the least we as a Twitterhood can do. This guy is TOO YOUNG for this, 45 that is ridiculous! Normally we can just imagine the really evil people devoted to ruining others with unbounded greed and evil mischief and whatever else they do--those are the people who are SUPPOSED to have heart attacks in their 40s and God willing leave us alone already. We never expect someone who seems rather decent to have that. It seems unfair, but it is more closely linked to genetics and diet and exercise. Maybe lightning strikes will catch up with the tormentors that walk the earth?

Anyway, try to RT the guy.

MOC Legislation said...

MOC Pushback Must Include Strictly-Enforced Corrective Legislative Action

The anti-MOC drive is a wedge thrust in the heart of draculian medical bureaucracy.
The movement must include a strong legal indictment against the corruption that sucks the medical system dry. The tip of the wedge must be laced with a legislative poison potent enough to topple the powerful Washington lobby that sustains it.

Strict enforcement of focused legislation must put an end to the political self-appointment and self-inurement of ABMS executives and other key players in 'quality assurance' who use the organizations to spearhead and weaponize corporate agendas and political campaigns through usurpation and utilization of a network of non-profit non-governmental organizations turning them into illicit politico-corporate powerhouses.

Strong state and federal legislation with strict legal enforcement of that legislation must quickly put an end to this draculian medical bureaucracy which haunts and plagues patient and physician alike. Or that expensive corrupt bureaucracy will surely put an end to our healthcare system, the health of our country, and to each and every one of us.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you wrote: "The idea that we're a 'country of intelligent people who quickly engage in bold corrective action' is a fabulous ideal, but has been less and less the case."

Painfully true. Look how Bernie Sanders was treated by the Democrat party insiders and the media. He was robbed of the possibility of success in the 'people's bid' for his nomination. He ran a good, fair, passionate campaign relying on millions of small donors. Now from leaked e-mails and voice files out of the DNC, there are increasing signs of election fraud and selling access to their chosen candidate in the primaries.

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I suspect the leaked emails were (quite likely) put on a portable drive by disgruntled insider(s) who gave them to a third party who then submitted the communications to the media. Wouldn't that obvious to the press? Pain creates emotional vocal leaks and loud expressions of resistance such as we saw at the convention. The media and the police tried to downplay and squash the Bernie supporters angst and total frustration. The DNC put the Bernie states' supporters in the cheap seats to the back while police took care of keeping them quiet.

We can see parallels in how the ABIM damage control has operated from looking at the DNC. Look at Baron's felonious partner Ariel B. Mannes brought in to proverbially break some physian's knuckles. If ever there was a classic dirty cop thrown off the force for corruption it is Mannes.

Forgive me for saying, but the ABIM engages in a total packaging of propaganda and ignores or chooses not to discuss the real corruption and fraud at the core of the organization. It is a political and financial center for the propagation of corporate-sponsored partisan legislation and politically motivated social literature. The regulatory capture of the MOC testing/certification racket serves as the bankroll and the front. The ABIM is the best at propaganda and demonization (a front org--not science at all) while continuing to serve Cassel and Clinton's Wall Street cronies and all the rest of their associates and special interest groups. The ABIM has engaged in such conflicts of interest that baffles the imagination how they could get away with it, immunity from prosecution reserved for them, because there are elements in our public service sector that are bought-off or receive crony favors.

Anonymous said...

Wes, here's a significant flashback for you to 2004 (see below, congressional blue ethics panel participation) just after Chris Cassel was appointed CEO/President of the ABIM and ABIM Foundation. She served on a congressional ethics panel while sitting unvetted by ABIM on a Kaiser Board since 2003, where she would receive millions from ABIM, Kaiser and Premier. Talk about hypocrisy and double standards!

"Since 2003, Christine Cassel has pocketed more than $1.5 million of Kaiser’s money. Last year she brought in $203,000 for attending six board meetings, and in 2011, Kaiser paid Cassel at a rate of more than $1,400 an hour, according to tax records. All of this comes on top of Cassel’s salary at the National Quality Forum, where she earns $561,000 a year.

NUHW called for Cassel’s resignation February 20. For five years NUHW members have been holding Kaiser accountable to its patients and workers, insisting that Kaiser provide quality care for patients and good jobs for caregivers. As part of our efforts, we demand that Kaiser’s board of directors be free of conflicts of interest and other ethical violations that undermine its responsibility to meet the needs of patients and workers."

Cassel, while "working her 35-hour workweek" for the ABIM served on a Blue Ribbon Panel testifying before congress about government officials' conflicts of interest--violations and policy recommendations to curb the potential for future violations.

Cassel sat next to the Co-Chair of panel Norman R. Augustine (Co-Chair), Chairman, Executive Committee, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Bethesda, Maryland. Augustine is is a current member of the advisory board to the Department of Homeland Security, was a member of the Hart/Rudman Commission on National Security, and served for 16 years on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. (PCAST where Cassel as a POTUS science advisor currently serves as a government official bound by OGE ethics laws.) Augustine is also a member of the guiding coalition of the Project on National Security Reform.

Other notables on the panel are Thomas H. Murray, Ph.D., President, The Hastings Center, Garrison, New York,
Among other current posts, Murray serves as chair of the Ethical Issues Review Panel for the World Anti-Doping Agency, international expert advisor to Singapore’s Bioethics Advisory Committee, and vice chair of Charity Navigator. He has been president of the Society for Health and Human Values and of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities.

Also sitting with Cassel were Reed V. Tuckerson, M.D., Senior Vice President, Consumer Health & Medical Care Advancement, UnitedHealth Group, Minnetonka, MN
His executive titles at United Health Group included Chief of Medical Affairs,%20MD_Bio_2014.pdf

" . . . it is clear that a government employee should not receive personal financial gain for outside activities by exploiting knowledge gained through his or her government position . . . "

- NIH Blue Ribbon Panel on Conflict of Interest Policies

"MAY 12, MAY 18 and JUNE 22, 2004

NIH Blue Ribbon Panel on Conflict of Interest Policies
a working group of the advisory committee to the director, nih
Norman R. Augustine (Co-Chair), Chairman, Executive Committee, Lockheed
Martin Corporation, Bethesda, Maryland

Bruce Alberts, Ph.D. (Co-Chair), President, National Academy of
Sciences, Washington, DC
Christine Cassel, M.D., President, American Board of Internal Medicine,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Thomas H. Murray, Ph.D., President, The Hastings Center, Garrison, New
York . . ."

Anonymous said...

Robert Kocher ACA framer/cheerleader says "Sorry we got it wrong."

Where have I heard that before? Oh, yes, Richard Baron. But then two wrongs don't make a right. Both men speak "of, for, and by" Wall Street not Main Street.
Here's an accessible copy of Kocher's opinion piece without paying the WSJ, the same journal that demonized and helped destroy physicians in 2010 for participating in Dr. Arora's board prep course. Yes, the ABIM has control of the media too.

I was wrong about Obamacare -- White House advisor/ACA, framer, Bob Kocher

Robert Kocher should be angry at the ABIM for cancelling his Internal Medicine Certification in 2012, but then he has so much income and no future practice plans to be a doctor that it does not matter.
ABIM Robert P. Kocher - not certified

Koch, Cassel, Baron, Wachter, Ezekiel and the Obama administration sold out physicians and patients. They sold out the country. Lied in fact to pass the ACA. Now Koch apologizes to the electorate saying he got something wrong, hoping that the ACA will not be tossed out in the coming election. But more important for the ACA framers, Bob Kocher really speaks for himself $$$ as a venture capitalist who wants to capitalize on future digital technology that will enhance the ACA, or whatever the system looks like in the future. By playing on the emotional sentiments of private docs, and "converts" the ACA laggards who don't get proper compensation, the last bastion of "future providers" will also soon be crushed by the steam-roller legislation passed in 2010 if it is not overturned by law. Or at least they will be needing to spend for keeping up, or just be out of time and out of luck.

Obamacare, although taking longer to roll out, is after all "too big to fail." Where have I heard that before?


Why young internists become more interested in venture capital/company stocks than in being docs.

CardioSourceWorldNews ACA for Cardiologist ("ACA will roll out slower than we thought." "ACO's are the way to go. "CMS is an R&D venture capital firm." "ACC is engaged in legislation." "Need more input from physicians.")

Anonymous said...

Election fraud?

Did the DNC cheat the members of their own party out of having a fair and free election process?

Did the campaign manager of the Democrat party lie to the American public about the source of the incriminating e-mails just to divert attention away from the central lie/election fraud?

Does the media continue to mislead the public when they slobber out drunken or sensational interpretations of events without fact checking first?

Can we have fair and free elections without a factual, fair and free press?

Delores said...

Dr. Salas Rushford of Puerto Rico has been illegally victimized and prosecuted by the ABIM. He is a political pawn. It is clear that some involved in the ABR sting operation who seized Dr. Arora's personal property have even made money out of their illegal acts. They are selling their fraud as "case studies" for testing security conferences, and so on. Evidence of this has been presented here on this blog and we can see it online for ourselves. And it would appear that some have profit in mind by copyrighting the "story rights" concerning others suffering. That is heinous; it is psychological sickness.

For the callous executives and directors at the ABIM and ABMS it is nothing to do harm; it's like a movie or a video game. They get the taste for the kill and like it. Want to repeat it. Lives are destroyed that the executives and directors feel nothing for.

High positions need responsible people and responsible action, not careless wanton disorder and greed. The ABIM creates disorder with its methods of control.

But for Dr. Salas Rushford, his patients and his family it is a living nightmare. We hope that Dr. Baron and his army of Ballard-Spahr attorneys will do the right thing and stop this endless torture of good phycians. It is time.

ABMS must end mandatory MOC now. MOC and the ABIM police state must go away.

Dr. Baron and Lois Nora are now the main sources of this vicious vindictive animus. It is big part of the lynchpin ruining the health of our nation and it is harming the health of Drs. Baron, Nora and their psychometric minions. They play the maniacal game of power, money and control.

Wake up, Drs. Baron and Nora. Please stop lying to us, yourselves and the public. Once decent people, look at what you have become - and what you have done to the ABIM and ABMS. The reputation is perhaps irreparable. Sure money can be made through coercion, but at what cost.

This far-reaching situation is frightening and epitomizes the mess that our healthcare system is in. You cannot order nature around; it finds its own system and order. The failed bureaucratic tower of babel is going to fall on us all unless there is some grace left to experience inside. Ego, pride, and strong-arming will not do. Quality and assurance will come from within, not from without.

Anonymous said...

Ballard Spahr's uses plays out of a criminal defense lawyers book of dirty tricks - the stories behind the story of ABIM v. Jaime Salas Rushford - Is the system rigged against Jimmy?

I noticed there was something on regarding Jimmy's case. I have not had time to study it, but it looks like more dirty tricks on the part of the ABIM's legal dream team headed by Hara Jacobs of Ballard Spahr, Philadelphia, and her two highly-paid bigwigs from Ballard Spahr, New Jersey.

Some would say that the system is rigged against Jimmy (Dr. Jaime Salas Rushford)because of the high profile partners at Ballard Spahr, like former PA governor, District Attorney and mayor of Philadelphia, Edward Rendell. Rendell has ties to NBC and MSNBC where he appears as a political pundit. Rendell has served as DNC Chair in 2000 and Ed (and Ballard Spahr) served as the chair of the host committee in Philadelphia 2016 DNC convention. Rendell is a Hillary Clinton supporter, 2008 and 2016, and says of the damning DNC emails essentially that any cheating that occurred was ineffectual and that the DNC did not prevent a Sanders victory.

The political story behind the story - cronyism and partisan politics

Also Rendell's wife was an appellate judge in the same federal offices as Curtis Joyner, the judge who handled nearly all the lawsuits against physicians arising out of ABIM v. ABR and the seizure of Dr. Arora's personal property in 2009.
"His wife, Marjorie Rendell, is a Federal judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit who was appointed by President Bill Clinton. They married on July 10, 1971 and have one son, Jesse.[43] Rendell and his wife announced their separation shortly after he left office."

Ed Rendell and Bill Clinton helped the current PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane get elected to office most recently.

The Judge Katherine Hayden, not Cathy Waldor the magistrate, in ABIM v. Salas Rushford v. ABIM et al, is a senior judge appointed by Bill Clinton the same year that Christine Cassel was appointed to be an advisor to the Clinton White House in 1997. Bill and Hillary Clinton are also friends - very good friends - with Christine Cassel. Hillary and Bill appointed Cassel in 1997 to the President's Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry from 1997 to 1998 and was involved and on working out a "patient bill of rights". The bill in the Clinton format was not adapted, but after Clinton left office there was a new one proposed. When the ABIM Foundation was wildly investing in risky stocks through 1838 Investment Advisors Cassel was in the White House and. Cassel and Hillary Clinton are known among close circles and the media for their clever investing practices and good Wall Street/Hedge Fund friends.

So after that bleak picture of how the ABIM has strong local, state and federal "protection" we wonder if we will ever get at the core of facts in any of the lawsuits against the ABMS or ABIM?

Anonymous said...

The long awaited deposition of Ariel B. Mannes, aka, A. Benjamin Mannes, aka, Benjamin "Ben" Mannes. Was it nixed by dirty tricks? Did ABIM walk out and not completed the deposition?

Leading the dirty charge for ABIM/Ballard Spahr in the recent deposition of Ariel B. Mannes was the famous criminal lawyer Rivera-Soto who made a name for himself defending Casino owners in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and so on. River-Soto during his career worked his way up the judicial ladder to become a conservative NJ Supreme Court Judge. But after reaching the status of a Supreme Court judge he was forced to resign. He was under threat of impeachment by the NJ Senate.

Compounding matters Judge Rivera Soto accumulated some baggage along the way as a Supreme Court Judge to the tune of bullying, intimidation, abusing the power of office, and violating a teenagers constitutional rights. River Soto hailed himself as a champion of the constitution and yet we have one of the most blatant abuses of the constitutional guarantees carried out against a high school boy by a Supreme Court bully. Now as an attorney for ABIM's bully Ballard Spahr it becomes clear why this former supreme court judge was chosen to prosecute Dr. Salas Rushford in a time-barred case. I've read Judge Hayden's early opinion on the case and she only regurgitates the ABIM claims. The opinion is available for free on We can understand how Sarah von Muller was not tried fairly with all the evidence presented, because they also would not give what they should have at discovery. They never disclosed that a convicted felon and form cop thrown off the DC police was the "chief investigator". What's more the judge Curtis Joyner was never informed of this vital piece of information. Ballard Spahr should face sanctions imo for withholding critical key evidence. I really believe that a whistleblower(s) should come forward and do the right thing to reveal how dirty the ABIM and their attorneys are.

Rivera-Soto censured in 2007 (This is the same year Marc J Weinstein was hired by Ballard Spahr and shortly thereafter Mannes by the ABIM. More needs to come out about their relationship and their conflicts of interests and their relationship with Caveon and the testing publishers.)

"Rivera-Soto was censured by the court in 2007 for intervening in a dispute between his son and a high school football teammate. The justice filed criminal charges on behalf of his son and made phone calls to police and prosecutors to discuss the case."

The former Judge River-Soto narrowly escaped sanctions during a murder trial for committing a procedural violation (error) in disclosing a sealed name that opened the door for discussion. (Was it done intentionally? He apologized and got a slap on the wrist but received no sanction.)
"Judge Rivera-Soto will not face sanctions"

Anonymous said...

Dirty tricks . . . trying to get the Mannes deposition nixed by ABIM.

In the current case with Dr. Salas Rushford, Jacobs and Rivera-Soto recently tried to nix the deposition of the ABIM Director of Investigations, if I read the transcript correctly, by pulling a shyster stunt. Mannes may have been coached to improperly confer with the deponent in a whispered tone, which is not allowed. Mannes who is an actor may have baited an attorney with a procedural no-no in order to get one of the auditing attorneys to react and state that it is not allowed.

River-Soto threw a big tantrum for appearances and threatened to leave the room and said he was terminating the important deposition after less than ten minutes over an attorney pointing out an improper discussion. A telephone call to Judge Cathy Waldor by Jimmy's local attorney may have saved the deposition, but it is unclear at this point, from the partial transcript that was released if it (the deposition) was completed at that time. Rivera-Soto said that they would not let Mannes finish or let him depose again just because an attorney who was allowed to watch pointed out the improper confer. Not a big deal, but Rivera-Soto grandstanded on the issue.

Rivera, being a criminal defense lawyer, has most likely tried to get many of his defendant 'crooks' off by nixing a critical deposition like this using several dirty tricks shystering. The other thing Rivera-Soto was trying to achieve, and perhaps the main purpose, was get the auditing attorney disallowed from participating in the case in the future - just for speaking. I believe the attorney is working for free and is a family member of Jimmy's.

ABIM's strategy is to delay, stonewall and bleed Jimmy financially. So it is important to not get any pro-bono attorneys who can do a large amount of the preliminary work, especially if/when it goes to trial. Plus River-Soto is trying to make the family member lawyer a witness and disqualify him. Dirty tricks to hid the dirt at the ABIM.

Criminal obfuscation?

Mannes, that's M-A-N-N-E-S not to be confused with Mandes the ABIM CFO, was called by his alias, A. Benjamin Mannes, to perhaps help hide his felony convictions and bad police record under the name Ariel B. Mannes. District of Columbia has the files according to this blog's article "The House of Cards." It is worth reading an belongs in a major newspaper for its content and professionalatiy of the investigative reporting.

On a new document reveals how much damage financially the ABIM has done to Dr. Salas Rushford and is capable of doing to anyone. They can prevent physicians from entering into the workforce or having a family life. They are evil.
It is important that the lawsuits are successful in getting at the core of fraud and criminality that ABMS racketeering comprises. Donate to Dr. Salas for all of us that are under the ABIM heavy yoke.!donate/c1ghi

Anonymous said...

Dr. Baron is not fit to be President of the ABIM!

Anonymous said...

Rich Baron is woefully negligent in his stewardship of the ABIM

And the new ABIM executives are therefore woefully unprepared for the tangled mess and corruption they are finding out about at the ABIM. The fine mess that Cassel, Langdon, Holmboe, and Baron left them. Lynn Langdon's replacement for the COO position was Nick Hines, but Nkanta Hines left after a year. Why? Did anyone announce his sudden departure or say thanks?

We still have not gotten an announcement about Lynn Langdon's departure or retirement. Is this really the kind of transparent, scientific organization that one wants to be certified by?

Dr. Baron and his cronies hired Mannes to be their right hand man as they used their legal weapons against FrontRunners and ABR and then physicians. The ABIM "office of investigations" with their nervous goon squad made up "facts" creating the "boogey men" and women out of thin air. He had no training or background in testing security, the director hired in 2008 is only a thug hired to do the dirty work that was beneath the other executives. Now Mannes owns Dr. Baron and has a rich file on him.

All the scandal and intrigue under the leadership of COO Langdon, CEO Cassel, future CEO Baron and future ACGME executive Holmboe. I say it again the new CMO Battaglia, Chief of Staff were woefully unprepared for what they have been discovering and trying to keep a lid on. Baron hired a politician and a financier rather than physicians to sort out the many problems and fix them. That is the extent of Baron's sincerity and honesty. Always dealing from under the deck and doing things behind our backs.

I believe these two new executives too are actively looking for employment elsewhere before they are unemployable or indicted by the DOJ. That is why Nkanta left. The liability was just not worth the money. Besides the ABIM paid Nkanta a pittance, a fraction compared to what Langdon got. And nobody is talking about who is supporting Ms Lynn O Langdon's grand lifestyle now. The ABIM? ABIM Foundation? Physicians MOC money - do life? I just don't get it. The NBPAS head (a certification alternative)works for free as the first ABIM board members and chairman did. Now the ABMS executives take more money in one year than many Americans make in their entire active work lifetime. Baron preaches egalitarianism and look at the cheap and petty attitude they have toward the folks answering the phone. How many years will it take them to make a million bucks like Rich navigating the political swirls like a champion in his ABIM yacht. They tell me about 42 years to equal 1,000,000 of Rich's egalitarian lifestyle and pay.

ABIM is a cash cow for the execs, the goon squad director and all the other executives. Everyone else is working the phones or something else getting paid like they were working in a sweat shop.

The game of monopoly continues at the ABIM and ABMS. And just to think of it! Cassel got nearly 2 million out the ABIM / ABIMF door as she sped passed go in her silver shoe.

Anonymous said...

And there are the missing finances and documents that they can't or won't account for and will never show.

SOS said...

Who is going to treat the lead victims? How much will it cost? We are finding it everywhere. How do we remove it?