Saturday, July 02, 2016

The ABMS MOC Contagion Spreads

It seems the humiliation of physicians to collect revenues by member boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program knows no bounds.

This time, we begin our focus on the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP).

First, take a moment to read what happened to a younger physician mother-of-three who tried to re-certify in pediatrics when her child was 9 months old and still breast feeding.  Horrible.

Pediatricians are one of the lowest paid medical specialties in medicine. Yet like all US physicians, the must pay thousands to "re-certify" with the American Board of Pediatrics every 10 years.

And why must they pay such high fees?

Perhaps there's no better example than James A. Stockman, III, MD.

Dr. Stockman worked for the ABP for 20 years, retiring 31 Dec 2012.

Dr. James A Stockman III, MD Retires from ABP 31 Dec 2012
(Click image to enlarge)

As part of that retirement, we see the ABP paid him over $2.4 million:

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But this, you see, wasn't enough. Despite often earning over a million dollars a year prior to his retirement while working for the ABP, and then making a $2.4 million golden parachute on his retirement, Dr. Stockman stayed on as a "consultant" for the ABP. His first year there, he earned a cool $861,820 working 45-50 hours a week.
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But the next year was even better. On their most recent 2014 Form 990, we see that Dr. Stockman earned $793,438 for working just eight hours a work-week:
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If we assume there are 48 work weeks in a year and Dr. Stockman works just eight hours a week for a total of 384 hours, then in 2014 Dr. Stockman earned a whopping $2066.24 per hour.

I think it's time pediatricians join internists and cry foul loud and clear.

The ABMS Maintenance of Certification extortion of US physicians has to go.



RCAMD said...

The Elites have gone too far. Thank God for SoMe to expose these crooks. And thank God for Dr. Wes and all his good work staying on top of this. Karma is a bitch. We shall overcome.

ABIM Dogmaitc Mocsters said...

Unflattering Details About ABIM And Their Rueless Partners Ballard Spahr (Attorneys at Law retained by ABIM for lawsuits and protection.)

ABIM certification testing and callous treatment of a breastfeeding mothers.

10:30 am - 12:00 pm WORKSHOP: Accommodating Test Takers: Hot Developments, Case Studies, and Practical Tips Ballard Spahr and ABIM Pedrow and Bovell

Anonymous said...

Will Dr. Baron and the ABIM board bury former COO Lynn Langdon's recent "advisory compensation" under "other" after they said she left the organization? The fraud astounds the imagination. How does Baron, Stockman, Wise, Nora and Langdon get away with it all! Friends who inappropriately meet with DOJ and others in critical positions explain how vital Stockman, Baron, Nora, and Cassel are for the organization. I believe that Kevin Wise former ABMS CEO got a big payday for the year following his retirement for working 0 hours.

Anonymous said...

In as much as those of us who are part of the ABIM are subjected to Rich Baron's obnoxious B.S. with the MOC nonsense; our colleagues in Pediatrics are totally abused by the ABP and their strong-arm tactics. Pediatricians make a microscopic salary as it relates to the B.S. they have to deal with. When the ABP fails to support its members, the number of folks interested in becoming career sadomasochists will evaporate.

One wonders if the ABP will stand the scrutiny of the vetting that has occurred at the ABIM.

Shame on the ABP.

Anonymous said...

American Board of Pediatrics and the intentional use of ABMS/ABIM Goon Thug Cops to impose the next phase of MOC.

ABP has utilized ABMS' secret testing police and the have present and future plans to incorporate their internal felonious police force (ABMS) led by ABIM's "Director of Investigation" convicted felon Ariel Benjamin Mannes. Mannes and his Caveon/Kryterion business partners led by CEO/Chief Inventor David Foster have infiltrated the ABMS through the full approval and the knowledge of Dr. Nora's corporate offices.

Dr. Stockman has been involved in this "business scam" as well, hence, we see that ABP's own Stockman continued services were needed in a very secretive advisory role. Talk about obfuscation on the tax filings!

Former ABMS CEO, Kevin Wise, was involved in setting up the future plans to enhance revenue streams using an annual MOC scheme and the strong-arming/fear mongering security system in place to ensure success. The plan was that physicians should be placed in a vulnerable position. This was accomplished fairly easily through collusion of hospitals, insurers, boards, ACGME, and medical societies. Secret police/testing security/lawsuits was considered as a means of ensuring their success by conditioning physicians both psychologically and financially. Using fear, strong unyielding policy, and legislative lobbying to create a perfect storm for physicians' emotional, legislative and monetary capture.

Look at the tremendous potential money today flowing directly through the ABMS, and indirectly through the hospitals and insurers who have wielded their corporate power. Who would just give that up! Certainly not the ABMS financial and political power structure and the executives in charge. Certainly not the corporations and Wall Street who have made a market out of it for themselves.

Anonymous said...

All ABMS boards are participating in a corrupt system. How ABIM, ABP, ABR the entire ABMS elites are helping to destroy physicians' rights and the healthcare system

Foster, Mannes and a former Ballard Spahr attorney Jacob Weinstein (Lawsuits initiated by Weinstein and Jacobs: ABIM v. Arora, von Muller, and all the other Arora Board Review attendees were designed to keep physicians in line.) All of these greedy and hurtful people have twisted ethics, and conflicts of interest "up the wazoo".

These sordid adventurists at Caveon/Kryterion along with partners at the Association of Test Publishers used their testing industry influence to create things in the past like "No child left behind", and now they have been implementing the new lucrative ABMS MOC "20/20" schemes.

This has been in the works for years now in order to continue their own personal business schemes along with the ABMS executives to profit off physicians' vulnerability to MOC mandates. Just as teachers and students were made vulnerable to federal testing mandates. This hidden practice of influence pedaling by Foster, Mannes, Weinstein, John Fremer and other associates involved with the Association of Test Publishers and others is another reason that the AMA delegates should mention in their resolution to end mandatory MOC immediately.

All physicians are at immediate risk from unscrupulous ABMS/ABP/ABIM executives and corporate profiteers.

Mannes, Foster, Weinstein, Stockman, Baron, Wise, Nora, etc, and now even former American Board of Radiology's executives have been working behind the senses to create the online proctored testing that will invade physicians' privacy and strip all of their legal rights. Their closed door plans when implemented will open all ABMS MOC participant up to civil and criminal prosecution.

New laws favoring the testing industry make all physicians even more vulnerable.

Mr. Mannes and his unvetted partners at Caveon and other compromised testing security personnel plan on making millions of dollars to enforce annual MOC testing. ABIM and ABP, ABR and the entire ABMS are already using goon-thug cops and online third-party partners of ABIM's.

What Doctor Fisher has been investigating and writing about on Twitter and on this blog every physician and patient should take the time to learn about and then take the time to inform others about the corruption and fraud. The future of the healthcare delivery system and patient health hang in the balance of what we collectively and informatively do or do not do.

Anonymous said...

It's time all ABMS' physicians join internists and cry foul! The corruption is blatant and it stinks.

Anonymous said...

A Who's Who of ABMS Ganglandia

The State of New Jersey hired Caveon to spy on school children. Now we find out in 2008 the ABMS a hired goon cop thrown off the DC police force for egregious misconduct works/worked as a strongman for Dr. Baron, Dr. Nora, Dr. Cassel, and Dr. Stockman. In the past this goon cop was involved in invasion of privacy, harassment, intimidation, misusing official secure data systems to carry out attacks of gangland-style revenge on a reporter, while on official duty as a DC cop. Did we mention Mannes works for Caveon according online sources written by Mannes himself?

We understand Mannes was was hired to spy on/investigate/advise for the ABMS. Ariel B. Mannes spied on/investigated physicians including ABIM's internists, the American Board of Radiology, the American Board of Pediatrics, American Board of Dermatology, American Board of Urology, National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, Institute for Credentialing Excellence, the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation, Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, National Board of Medical Examiners and the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. .

And we learned recently that ABMS's Ariel Benjamin Mannes has attempted to hide his bad cop record and subsequent felonies committed while working as a nightclub bouncer in his online CV and most likely elsewhere. Mannes' deleted that CV when Wes posted "MOC, Medicines House of Cards." Was Mannes' deliberately hiding relationships and partnerships with Caveon, John Fremer, David Foster, Marc Weinstein and others at Caveon, Kryterion, the ATP, Christine Cassel, Richard Baron, Dr. Stockman, and Ballard Spahr. It is highly suspicious and damning to many readers minds. His CV excludes the bad stuff, which there is a surfeit of and exaggerates it and then deleted the CV. I find it a strange twist of fate that after deleting his online CV with LinkedIn that Wes posted a screen capture of the old one that claims concurrent employment as a co-managing director (along with Marc J. Weinstein) at Caveon and as director of investigations at the ABIM.

But when we look at the tarnished reputations of all those involved at these corporations, ABP's Dr. Stockman's take-home pay certainly "takes the cake". This humongous payout seems to infer who the ABMS ring leaders have been! And even after leaving the ABP he got $2100 per hour in 2014! This shows who is the boss when we compare Ballard Spahr's Hara Jacob's attorney's rates--getting around $700 per hour. Jacobs' fees are billed to ABIM and paid for courtesy of ABIM's diplomates and candidates. A good portion of the money is used in the racketeering protection scam prosecuting competitor board review courses and attendees like Dr. Salas Rushford who went to one of the non-affiliated board review course in New York--now defunct through a very improper legal endeavor initiated by Mannes, Weinstein, and ABIM on behalf of the ABIM. This started with an investigation that included a sting operation, impersonation, spying and secret recordings. There are forty authorized bureaus registered with the United States Attorney General's office who can initiate sting operations and infiltrate organizations, etc, without a court order.

The ABMS or the ABIM are not on that list of government organizations. None of those forty organizations has legal authority to eavesdrop without a court order.
The implications for violations of civil liberties, improper presentations to the Pennsylvania federal court and many other legal violations is ripe for investigation as there is new evidence that the ABIM along with its partners engaged in activity pushed through the envelope of US law and certainly stretched the legal threshold for decades imo. The ABIM and ABMS members clearly acted like a mob and used high federal offices of influence to carry out and protect their racketeering enterprise.

Anonymous said...

Further proof of Kryterion/Caveon relationship we can see how David Foster CEO of Caveon/Chief Inventor at his other startup Kryterion was paid to speak at the ABMS meetings. The intention of using online proctored testing (with $$$$ third-party Caveon used for spying) is real and the ABMS has contracted with other Caveon/Kryterion/ABIM/Ballard Spahr key executives and employees - currently and in the past.

For example: David Foster

"Kryterion presentations to the American Board of Pediatrics 2015.
David Foster, PhD, CEO & President, Caveon Test Security

Dr. David Foster currently serves as the CEO and President of Caveon Test Security. He is also Chief Scientist at Kryterion. He started another successful company, Galton Technologies in 1997. He directed the certification test development efforts at Novell from 1990 to 1997, introducing many new innovations, including adaptive testing, testing in multiple languages, and simulations-based testing. Dr. Foster has participated, on several industry boards and councils. He has been President and Chairman of the Association of Test Publishers, served on the Board of Directors for the American National Standards Institute. He also founded the Performance Testing Council to further the use of tests that directly measure important job or educational skills. He has authored numerous articles for industry trade journals, scientific journals and textbooks, and has presented extensively at industry conferences. A recent publication in Psychology Science Quarterly introduced a revolutionary variation on the multiple-choice question format and conducted research supporting its use. He has been creating and improving computerized testing systems since 1982 and has been influential over the past 33 years in introducing many important industry innovations and initiatives. He has helped create new security technologies that use the Internet to administer high-stakes tests in schools, the workplace and even the home. Dr. Foster graduated from Brigham Young University in 1977 with a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and completed a Biopsychology post-doctoral fellowship at Florida State University in 1982.

All [ABP] sessions by David Foster, PhD
Lightning Talk – Online Proctoring
May 15 2015,12:15 PM
Presidents I/II

Breakout Session A1 – Proctoring Options
May 15 2015,2:15 PM

Caveon's leading forensic testing expert and his company who all work from home was accused of cheating in Atlanta and elsewhere.
NY Times and Caveon

Anonymous said...

Wes, your link to Mannes LinkedIn CV is strangely back online. 13 years as a private consultant with an LLC. I'd like to see the registration papers and maintenance on that? What state? Serving as a cop the whole time? And working at Caveon and the ABIM. Jeepers it just gives me the creepers.

I'd like to get a statement about that CV from

Armen said...

Your website restores a knowledge that there is a higher order of things and laws that we have forgotten to acknowledge and obey. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the art of healing and the pursuit of truth. I am not sure we can have one without the other.

Anonymous said...

I have known several CFO's of large companies in the US and the EU. I can assure you that any company that engaged in these sorts of financial obfuscations would not stay open for business long. No company can survive nor would clients in your position stand for executive compensation incommensurate with reality.

The executives and board would have been replaced and outside investigations would have been initiated to put the company on the right track or they would be put out of business. Comparing the requirements of the ABP maintenance of certification to the ABIM the fees charged more often are even more egregious and onerous. It is a wonder any pediatricians remain in medicine to treat our children.

I have read Megan Edison's website Rebel MD and have a sense of hope that there are a core group of physicians who will communicate loudly enough to set the ABP crew right and steer the ship back to normalcy. The ABMS has become a safe harbor for pirates.

You are right to assume this can only take place unless there is help from high places who benefit from this somehow. Only the high courts and legislatures can remedy this. There should be term limits on the executives and strict ceilings on the compensations structure of employees. Most non-profits work with a yearly volunteer and mostly symbolic CEO if any. That money and power structure reeks of politics. It has no place in the ABMS. Legislate and negotiate in court a less onerous way for "keeping up" and somehow a mechanism for the ABMS to be the ones assessed. The ABMS executives are hypocritical. They are wasteful and acting counter intuitively to creating anything of quality. This recognition of the need to end the reign of corrupt power brokers through adversarial means and legislation is very unfortunate.

There is no "listening" without the 'measure' being applied right back at them.

Paper Moon or Head Buried in Sand? said...

ABMS Racketeers and Mocsters still feigning stewardship?
They still don't know/can't tell us where the "Good Ship Lollipop" is going!

With thumbs over his ears and an ABMS gag in his mouth, Dr. Baron will be wearing diapers before he speaks candidly and spontaneously about critical things that matter.

Anybody get an invitation to this MOC "assessments and innovations event?"
Only thing we know for sure is that the ABMS thrives on suckers.

Anonymous said...

Dr Wes:

I am glad you touch the subject of ABP. I am not participating in MOC(Pediatrics), due to the facts you just published.(which I knew in the past).
ABP is just like ABIM.. Money making for their CEO/President. Yet we Pediatrician are the lowest MD's salary in USA.
Recently you published one of my comments regarding MOC, related to employment in Florida(I was not offered the position, because I am not going to participate in MOC, mine will expire in 2016. I do have my pediatric Board by NBPAS.
Florida and every State have to join the same position like Oklahoma.
We Pediatrician need an allied just like you!!!!
Thank you, Dr Wes for all your efforts in this battle

The Rearview Mirror said...

In a 2012 ABP 'coronation announcement' regarding Dr. Nichols 'anointment and appointment' as new CEO/President we learn of the continuance of ABP's dynastic legacy and regal show of support and commitment to the unproven and burdensome MOC scheme. In the announcement the ABP Secretary of Propaganda promptly and proudly mentions in the fourth paragraph to their hard working plebeians, that James A Stockman III will "step away" from his current role, but "he will work with Dr. Nichols during the transition and with the organization as a whole in other ways thereafter."

Anonymous said...

ABP says goodbye to their 'King of Kings'. But not really.

In 2012, after 20 years on the throne the elite ABMS 'King of Kings' and initiator of ABP MOC scheme, James A. Stockman III, steps not down as ruler, but just "steps away" from his current roles. The shame here is that the 990 tax filings obscure the ABMS' practice of how a former king still remains on the dole.

The specialty boards are hoping that nobody reads the tax filings. What is astounding to many is apparently accountants don't find anything wrong in this muddying of the holy water.

Anonymous said...

The clever improper obscuration continues. The auditors/accountants go along apparently in collusion because they get paid by the hour and complexity of the tax filings. Maybe there are other arrangements as well. We just have no transparency about this because the ABMS is not a partner to physicians but a feudal baron.

Physician in the headlights said...

I think it is so obscene - the financial ruse of granting outrageous retirement plans and post partum rewards, deferrals and kickbacks, or outright bribes, maybe even hush money to ABMS executives. The legal firms representing the ABMS specialty boards have found these ABMS members to be virtual cash cows for them. But physicians are the ones being milked and bilked paying all the bills for the lies and excesses.

Anonymous said...

The executives and "boards" obviously give the money to each other like candy at the American Board of Pediatrics. Just look at Sir James III's paychecks and the skydiving packages to follow. Unimaginable for a non-profit public service organization to be behaving like this and with apparent impunity. But this corruption and egregious financial inurement has parallels in all of the other specialty boards as well. One needs only to look at the finances with a small degree of critical analysis, a little more inquisitiveness.

ABIM Journal of Fraudsters and Felons Quote of the Day said...

"I'm with her."

Lisa said...

At this point, this is like...nothing, a parking ticket maybe, a $15 fine at most. There is SO much MORE corruption. It's like a corruption contest. It keeps getting worse, more bold, more evil.

The MACRA nonsense for example. If you participate in CMS then the abuses it allows, like going back 10 or more years to look at patient records--then that's a disservice to patients to participate in that kind of evil endeavor.

But there have been news reports that anyone eligible for retirement under social security will FORFEIT that pay unless they participate in CMS. It should not be conditional, but there should not be bizarre payment structures intended to force physicians out of practice. That is the goal. I said it a year ago when I first began my twitter shitlording, and many of you certainly wrote me off as 'incorrect'. Now how many have been forced into retirement before they would have if it were not for all this nonsense? This is sabotage of the healthcare system, and of its physicians. It's also killing people off, or keeping people unable to work who are in their prime and need to be making wages instead of debt.

This is an attack on the American people, an act of war. The battles Wes has spent all this time on pale in comparison to the bigger picture which is getting even more out of control. Within a short amount of time, this country could see the genocide of elderly. It won't be called that--so I'm saying it now, so that you know hell yeah that's what this is. We're also allowing our veterans to die off at alarming rates--this is NO ACCIDENT. Implementing a communist regime REQUIRES that we exterminate any military-trained people who could revolt against tearing down the America that we grew up in. Democracies usually don't last more than 200 years, and at this point, I hope you enjoyed the party yesterday--because it may the last one in a little while. Something is going on that is not nice. Fill in your own explitives for because it's seriously not nice. People have already died and others are at high risk.

The USA has a terible cancer. We must quickly find a cure.

Anonymous said...

The ABMS takes us to a whole new level of disgusting cronyism in America.

Courtesy Correspondence said...

How to Lose Your Tax Exempt Status

Undeliverable: said...

H. Emails. Good News 101. 21 NON-MOC eligible credits. Put in Your Subject.

How Many of Those Classified Emails Were Undeliverable? 26?

How Many of Those classified Emails Went to Susan Rice?

How Many of Those Classified Emails Went to Vladimir Putin?

It appears that the state department under H was been busy making plenty of mistakes and creating an inordinate amount of trouble, especially in the Middle East, Africa, China, Russia, South America, Australia, EU, even as far away as Antarctica.

H has indicted herself.

That is the most interesting part of today's news. A permanent public record. Just like the ABIM creating court records for the public to see and examine for many years, H has exposed herself all over the place. Just like Christine Cassel's scandals there will be no sanctions or fines either.

Nathan said...

Lisa is right. Our democracy has a severe case of the hiccups. Self-destructive government leaders, corporate fascists, neocons, and the military security complex have rigged the country's systems to blow. Equally alarming is the fact that our FBI and USAG just told the American people its alright for the elites to squat all over the constitution, bill of rights and ignore the laws of our land. Is it not treason when the elites' clandestine military operations go awry resulting in millions of innocent deaths and displacement of countless millions more? And now they bring their hooded, faceless enemy here to shoot us, terrorize us en mass and blow up our homes. Is it not treason of the worst kind when our government colludes to destroy the democracy of that honest simpler America we used to believe in and know?

Anonymous said...

Today the media is the provocative all powerful instrument that smears a candidate, builds up the other, creates the biased intellectual arguments, the scripted persuasive dialogues, and the emotive tears that votes 'for us' within our malleable minds and hearts.

It's the ministers of propaganda that decide the direction of the country for us. We have lost the ability to think for ourselves and forgotten what it means to act from our own understanding.

What would a propaganda-free world be like? It would certainly be a world without the ABMS, ABMF and ABIM. A world devoid of their cronies' lavish lies.

Anonymous said...

Some afterthoughts after the FBI's scathing comments about Hillary Clinton, which raises more questions about her honesty and trustworthiness. Christine Cassel worked with the Clinton Administration and Hillary as a healthcare advisor.

Can we consider Richard Baron to be honest and trustworthy?

Consider that Bob Wachter was in charge of the search committee to hire the successor to Christine Cassel as CEO. Wachter is a man whose own medical reputation and political image is tarnished by the DOJ Medicare fraud case accusing his company IPC, the Hospitalist Company of Medicare billing fraud. IPC was charged with systematic up coding, which defrauded Medicare and other payers, but more importantly jeopardized the safety of countless numbers of patients nationally. In Texas Wachter's national hospitalist outsourcing company, IPC, was sued for wrongful deaths. I looked at seven which were in the local Texas media. Wachter was Chair of the Medical Quality Committee getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock and cash from IPC, plus Wachter was an advisor receiving a monthly stipend for years. Wachter's participation in the governance of the ABIM overlapped with Christine Cassel's tenure as CEO.

Christine Cassel was scandalized over her concurrent board positions and millions of dollars received from a large hospital/clinic insurance health plan foundation while sitting on the board of Premier, Inc, a supplier of services and products to hospitals and was CEO of NQF a quality assurance NGO founded by Christine Cassel and Hillary/Bill Clinton that makes recommendations directly to hospitals on healthcare related products, services and practices. The relationship of NQF director Dr. Baron with Chuck Denham, a co-chair overseeing recommendations, remains unclear after a DOJ investigation reached a settlement of 40 million dollars and issued no indictments against a hospital supply company who allegedly bribed the NQF chairman, Denham.

Bob Wachter worked with Denham over many years contributing his services as a high paid speaker and credible player in the field of safety. So the question remains. Do we trust Dr. Baron, and the other state actors who worked for the ABIM like Wachter and Cassel.

ABIM's felon Benjamin Mannes was hired by Cassel, Wachter and Baron. These three players had a large role to play in lawsuits suing board review courses like Frontrunners and Arora Board Review who competed with the ABIM partners like the ACP. One looming question stands out also. What power do these state actors have over the DOJ that they have been granted immunity from the MSM and our judicial system keeping them from wide scale humiliation and personal prosecution.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of the corruption. How do we put a stop to MOC once and for all?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

All fascist corporations and institutions like ABMS, FBI, IRS are losing their facade of legitimacy. Thank Christ for the Internet.