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AMA House of Delegates MOC Session Recap

It was a beautiful day in Chicago yesterday: sunny, not too humid. I left home early. The sun had risen some time ago and could be seen reflecting off the lake to the front of the downtown skyscrapers highlighting every detail of their construction. Lake Shore Drive is magnificent this time of day. I parked, as many must do each day, down in the basement of a nearby parking garage, making the "early bird special" parking fee of $16 when your arrive before 8 AM.


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I entered the Hyatt and saw a large meeting room across the foyer with a "Southeastern Delegate Meeting" sign outside the huge room. Lots of people with the representative state name on a card in front of them and a man in a bright kelly green jacket sitting next to the speaker stand who looked like a preppy leprechaun: the "Vice Chair." Heh.

I had to find registration at the Hyatt Regency Chicago: no easy task for someone who's never attended the AMA House of Delegates meeting, but approached what must have been a senior delegate adorned with his AMA badge with multi-colored tags draped some 14" beneath it highlighted by political stickers and little metal badges (I learned later you got some of these after contributing to various political action committees). He was cordial and helped direct me to the subterranean registration desk in the East Tower.

There were delightful ladies more than willing to help. "Are you a delegate?" they asked. "No, just a speaker." They gave me a registration card and I filled it out and was promptly handed a badge of my own with a lonely gray "speaker" badge dangling below.

"Don't listen to a thing he says, he's a doctor," someone said behind me. I turned around to find Charles Kroll, who has also just arrived, waiting to register.  I hadn't seen him for two years since we started to work together on the ABIM story. He grabbed his badge and we headed upstairs. I called David Winchester, MD, a delightful young cardiologist that I was introduced to via Twitter  (cardiologist and Florida delegate) and he joined me and Mr. Kroll for coffee.

AMA House of Delegates MOC Meeting
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Next, I called Charles Cutler, MD from the Pennsylvania Medical Society who met us in the lobby of the East Tower. We headed to the meeting room and he introduced me to numerous people: Steven E. Weinberger, MD of the American College of Physicians (Executive VP and Chief Executive of the ACP), Stephen R. Permut, MD, JD, (Chair of the Board of Trustees of the AMA), and newly-elected Board Member of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), Yul Enjes, MD, among others. Only later did I realize Lois Margaret Nora, MD, President, and Chairman of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) was there, too, among many others (seated in the back, far right). Many stood in the back of the room despite available chairs in the front of the room (some things never change).

As luck would have it just before we began, the projector bulb blew shortly after it was turned on so another projector had to be retrieved. Meanwhile, the videographer had set up and was ready to go, but we had to remain seated as we spoke to use the available microphones. Once the new projector was secured, we were ready to begin.

Mr. Kroll went first (slides at link, video here) and explained his background as a forensic accountant specializing in health care and non-profits to the audience. He began discussing his educational background, credentials, prior experience with other non-profit shenannigans in Minnesota (Alina/Medica scandal) and his experience working with the attorney general there. He then explained how he stumbled across the ABIM story (a former article by Linda Girgis, MD asking if ABIM was "extorting" physicians). He pulled the ABIM's financials and immediately found discrepancies and outlined many of his findings to the audience. You could see heads shaking with disbelief. He kept it simple and understandable.  It was devastating. He then told the story how he contacted a mainstream media outlet who requested the last twelve years of audited financials from the ABIM and how the ABIM refused to produce all but the last year, and only if they met in persons to review them together. Evidently, the reporter politely declined and then requested these financials from the PA Attorney's Office (who never responded).  Only after a request was made to the press secretary of the PA Governor's office were the last two years' of audited financials produced. Mr. Kroll, who had these full financials in his possession, then noted that when the ABIM published them, they failed to publish six key parts of those financials on its website. Only after he disclosed this fact in an article in MedCityNews, did the ABIM recant and post the full financials. Finally, we concluded with a description of the meeting he help with the Iowa Attorney General's office and the recommendations he made regarding actions the Iowa AG could impose on the ABIM and their Foundation.

I was next.

In my presentation (a rather large Powerpoint presentation can be downloaded here, video here), I discussed my background, the background of how Board certification, how the philosophy of lifetime certification morphed to time-limited based on the ABIM's assertion that older physicians lost their skills over time, but then pointed to the paradox of the "grandfathering" of physicians and the inherent age discrimination against our most vulnerable physicians with that policy change. I also explained patient's definition of the excellent physician vs the ABIM's definition, and reviewed the costs in terms of out-of pocket costs and time involved (detracting from patient care). I also touched on the creation of the ABIM Foundation and the transfer of funds from the ABIM to the Foundation for "research" and showed the webpage asking for physician data for more "research" without informed consent and disclosure to physicians who were serving as study subjects in violation of the Belmont Report. With the purchase of the ABIM condominium, perhaps they were performing investment research instead, I suggested. I then summarized much of what has transpired with the ABIM and asked the important question, "How did it get this way?" and why I thought it happened. Finally, I summarized the disturbing code of silence that has surrounded the ABIM controversy by using the "Little Red Hen" allegory. The only people who will fix this mess is practicing physicians, starting with a full investigation of the responsible parties.

Next up was Bonnie Weiner, MD, board member of the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS.org) who gave an update of their efforts to create a more credible board credential for assuring continuing medical education. She expressed concern that future modifications to MOC will result in making one wasteful test taken once every ten years into many worthless tests over the same time period. She summarized the philosophy and finances of the NBPAS.org and explained that she could no longer serve as an interventional cardiology program director because she refused to perform MOC for that credential. (So much for "voluntary" certification!) She noted over 30 hospitals now accept NBPAS as an alternative to NBPAS.org and emphasized the need to have competition in the credentialing market.

With the last presentation by Scott Shapiro, MD, President of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, a shot was fired across the bow of the ABIM. Dr. Shapiro announced that the PA Medical Society was publicly announcing  their "vote of no confidence" against the ABIM and approved funds to evaluate legal options against the ABIM:
Today, at the AMA Annual Meeting in Chicago, our Pennsylvania Medical Society Delegation convened a national discussion panel to present their research findings, insights, and recommendations regarding the failures of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the MOC process. The discussion regarding the actions, finances and possible historical motivations for the ABIM actions was eye-opening and alarming.

Notably, during the conference, we announced that our PAMED Board of Trustees—after reviewing the available data and recent ABIM actions—voted and are now issuing a statement of no confidence in the ABIM's Board and leadership.

We also announced that, earlier this year, our PAMED Board approved the necessary funding to move forward with obtaining a legal opinion into whether PAMED would have standing to file a lawsuit against the ABIM. We hired a firm and recently received their opinion that not only would we have standing but they found potential legal claims consistent with our concerns that could be filed in a lawsuit against the ABIM.

Physician leaders from many other states have inquired about how their state can join PAMED's efforts. We look forward to these and other strategic conversations in the near future.

You could have heard a pin drop.

After his announcements (and I probably missed a few key words), the floor was open for question and answer. Lots of people asked questions respectfully. Many were in support. Some were disappointed that there was not a more broad perspective of the opposite arguments for MOC on the panel. One physician with lots of tags on his chest approach the microphone saying," I learned a lot today in this session. Most of all I learned that I'm really glad I never became an internist." (He was an anesthesiologist). The room burst into laughter. He then went on to express his like of anesthesia's "MOCA minute" initiative but never disclosed if he had conflicts with the program or how much it cost. (By now, Dr. Nora from the ABMS had joined the question and answer line.)

It had to be difficult for Dr. Nora to enter this room, but I respected the fact that she came to the microphone to point out her views.  Unfortunately, rather than mentioning anything about the corruption we had just uncovered, Dr. Nora seemed upset that I had been inaccurate with my portrayal of where the ABMS gets their money (I am paraphrasing here). She also commented that we have been given a privilege to self-regulate and that we should consider carefully what we are doing. I then asked her a question as she walked away. She turned to answer. My question was this: "Have you ever studied what happens the physicians that you fail and what happens to their patients in turn?"  She stated she didn't "understand" my question and then proceeded to redirect to another topic before turning to walk away. Perhaps there will be an audio feed soon of this interaction. It wasn't one of our chief regulator's best moments.

Other questions kept coming, with many shifting to "what's next?"  Unfortunately the session went 30 minutes over and another meeting needed the room.

Finally, it was over.

I would like to take this moment to thank Charles Cutler, MD of the Pennsylvania Medical Society for his invitation to speak in this important venue. I am glad I could meet the players in this saga firsthand. There's no excuse for delaying any longer. Everyone knows the problems. Illegal stuff has occurred.

I can only hope those responsible take meaningful and serious steps to resolve the financial malfeasance, corruption, cronyism, and lack of accountability that has been ongoing at the ABIM (and other affiliated member boards of the ABMS hierarchy) for so long.  Otherwise, it's going to get very ugly very quickly.

Practicing physicians across the US have had enough of the ABMS MOC requirement shenanigans.


AHA House of Delegates MOC Session Speakers, June 13, 2016
(L to R: Scott Shapiro, MD, Bonnie Weiner, MD, Charles Cutler, MD,
Wes Fisher, MD, and Mr. Charles P. Kroll)

P.S.: I will post a link to the videos of the sessions as soon as they become available. (Update: links added where appropriate above)


Blog Administrator said...


Anonymous said...

Wow... Seeing Lois Nora.

I getting goose chills.

Too bad she didn't really answer any questions.

Anonymous said...

Great written description. We look forward to the video/sound for more insight.

Carol Westbrook said...

As a member of the PAMED society, and a crusader against the injustice of MOC, I salute your efforts. It was clear that there was some level of obfuscation and financial gain in this enterprise, but this expose of the extent of the problem left me dumfounded. Good work to you and your colleagues, and I hope the momentum continues.

20/20 Views said...

Wes wrote about the ABIM/ABMS,
"Everyone knows the problems. Illegal stuff has occurred.
I can only hope those responsible take meaningful and serious steps to resolve the financial malfeasance, corruption, cronyism, and lack of accountability that has been ongoing at the ABIM (and other affiliated member boards of the ABMS hierarchy) for so long. Otherwise, it's going to get very ugly very quickly."

This is a serious crisis in medicine today and it needs to be resolved soon or it will get messy. The big money behind MOC is perhaps the prominent tap root of the ABMS tree creating so much ill. The money may attract the wrong people to its branches working at the member boards for the wrong reasons. The money and mandatory nature of ABMS just begs for compromising situations to occur leading to a large part of the corruption and servitude to special interests involving corporate and government cronyism.

Why isn't seeing, participating in the richness of the rising sun reflected on the Great Lakes, sharing life with our families and good relationships with friends enough to carry us through--to give meaning. We are missing the boat when we create such complex structures that enslave us. I hope that the good people at the ABMS can agree it is time to take the big money out of it.

Take the wind out of the storm's arrogant sail. Just lower the overpowered canvas in humility and live. Live in the moment again. No dangling cards to identify our donations to PACs or monetary slavery to MOC weighing us down, dividing us worn around the neck.

We all need to be simple and free again serving humanity, not the big money and the power it brings. What have we lost? How many years have we got to get it right in our lives? In living rightly wisdom in the heart can bring a second spring.

X said...

Dr wes and everyone concerned, Thank you very much for trying to tame the deaf and lunatic white elephant.

Henry Hazard said...

Very inspiring and uplifting to follow your blog and know that there are dedicated people in the world still today, who will not give up on goodness and are willing to work together for something higher in humanity.

I am extremely discouraged, however, by what I have seen coming out of the ABIM. It is not the ABIM we conceived nor what any one of the founders intended. That is true in public image, deed and in spirit of medical community; we cannot accept such a dire fall from grace and not speak about it. To speak out against a situation where money is held above principled living and service.

There is an ABIM that once inspired us when we volunteered our service and saw patients as our life and livelihood--our family and our community. That was once a dream and it was a small dream. It was hidden in the ABIM like a seed. Now it served its purpose, it is always a shame to see a dream die, but it has lived its course of life and overreached to the degree of larceny.

The seed fell by the wayside and withered. It is a shame to say it, but it is time. It is time for the American Board of Internal Medicine to be dissolved. It is the only way that we can have harmony and peace sufficient enough to bring the passion for science and humanity back.

I want to thank the first medical congress of Pennsylvania for bringing sense back into the state medical societies and for renewing our faith there are groups of people willing to sacrifice to make things right and democratic. When I saw the constitution violated--plain as day--written about on this blog and in the court records, something awakened in me. It was a call to act.

And so must we all act and express our disfavor in what we see. We must work together for change. It is the only way. That is how our nation was formed, with small dedicated groups of thinking, feeling folks like the Pennsylvania Medical Society. And they have shown us the way today. They have put their money where there belief is; and they've proven it with dedicated service--showing us what that is and means. That means we sacrifice to make things better. Many gave oaths to relieve suffering and give comfort to the sick and dying. In serving humanity we find our real worth and values. The real values some say died in us have not been lost. I see it in the fighting spirit of those here that will not give up.

Keep up the fight and continue to live right, Westby Fisher!

Sign the petition said...

Sign the petition please. It's time to take down the ABIMhttp://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/abim-vote-of-no-confidence

Linda Girgis, MD said...

I think we finally have hope! Thanks, Dr. Wes!

G Kirsch said...

Wes, it was a good looking responsive audience with representation from the various states at the AMA House of Delegates, June 13, 2016.
MOC Session Speakers looked even better. A quartet of ANTI-MOC physicians with special appearance by a soloist drumming home a sobre rendition of ABIM's spine-tingling financial facts. Scott Shapiro, MD, Bonnie Weiner, MD, Charles Cutler, MD, Wes Fisher, MD, & Mr. Charles P. Kroll. Good luck and thanks to you all.

Gill Richards said...

Rajender K. Arora; Anise Kachadourian; Arora Board Review,
John Does 1-50

Temporary Restraining Order, Seizure And Impoundment Order,
Order Setting Bond, Order to File Documents Under Seal, And Order Setting
Preliminary Injunction Order

The is an important historic document, because it shows how fragile our constitutional rights are when abuse of power, propaganda and greed
for money are elevated above civil liberties, truth, and humanity . If any
normal person with common sense, reason and conscience were to weigh these two
value systems they would choose the latter system of values. The ABIM has
violated its own value system and transformed itself from a non-profit
good-will depository of medical science and pearls of wisdom into a for profit
juggernaut hell-bent on failing, persecuting and ruining physicians rather than
elevating them to a higher level of humanity.

This ex-parte writ to seize and impound property bothers me because it embodies just such an evil state of irrational need for power. The ABIM reaches out to dictate to others rather than embrace and stand on common ground. It preaches an egalitarianism, but there is no meaning behind it; it is only empty words.

This document is an example of the total breakdown of the common sense mind which uses language not to beguile and profit by, but to reach out and communicate in order to find a real common ground. In all the cases of copyright infringement the ABIM elevated 'unique expression' and avaricious persona above the universality of medical science, humanity, and our constitutional guarantees.


jmccarty3 said...

Good work! Please direct your attention to the Federation of State Medical Boards and its advocacy of MOL, which, in its way, is even more insidious than MOC. I suspect you may find similar shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

16 dollars --- Jeez !! The fuse has been lit ! The physician Leaders have done their Jobs ! NOW --- get behind ,, next to ,,, in front of them to eliminate this long , ongoing Medical Society Infection !! Really ,, 16 bucks. ??

DrWes said...

Anony 08:08AM-

Really. $16. And that's a bargain!

P Kempen said...

Nora is blowing smoke somewhere when she stated:"She also commented that we have been given a privilege to self-regulate and that we should consider carefully what we are doing."
The ABMS has NEVER regulated anything except a monopoly scheme that rapes physicians. The "Board Certification" is ADVERTISEMENT which means NOTHING and MOC means even less than nothing! This is only ONE more pretext at regulation over and above the multiple OTHER regulatory bodies imposing on medicine making it the MOST REGULATED profession I know! NO ABMS in Europe and things are fine! Since the FEderal GOvernment increasingly imposes on the practice of medicine along with hospitals, insurance regulations, tort law and patients0the ABMS has ALWAYS been superfluous and the only doctors I know of who have been compromised in their ability to practice have been the scapegoats of ABIM lawsuits to PROTECT ABIM copyrights!!!!! See: http://www.abim.org/news/abim-sanctions-physicians-for-ethical-violations.aspx

Millard Carlisle said...

This is just the beginning of an uphill fight. More physicians and the public need to be informed about the corruption and injustice at the ABIM. More are needed to join the fight. There are clear paths to implement change, but more people need to get on the path to help push and pull the ANTI-MOC/ANTI-CORRUPTION caisson up the hill. We all need to do this together. This is not about personalities. It is about the integrity of medicine. It is about all of us working together for something that is necessary and right. It is about the quality of our lives. It is about being of a noble profession with service to others--real service.

Anonymous said...

I have a few important questions related to the ABIM's hiring of Ariel B. Mannes--now known as Benjamin "Ben" Mannes after his felony convictions.
Did he change his name legally or just to obscure/make it difficult to discover his felony convictions. I feel compelled to point out that I believe this man to be a potential danger to the personnel at the ABIM. He may be a danger to physicians --which he has all the access to files he wants in his position as director of investigations. We fear for our lives and we fear in our professional life with such a man in position of power at the ABIM. His position or salary has never been disclosed and that is frightening. It epitomizes the dark secrets, dark money, and activities of the ABIM and the ABIM Foundation.

This Mannes and his actions have been intimidating to say the least. But I find it deeply disturbing and even vile that the ABIM would retain a man like this and then unleash his "firepower" on the community of hardworking physicians, who were not informed of his existence or position. Did Chris Cassel, Lynn Langdon, and Bob Wachter not think about the consequences and backlash that even the appearance of this hiring and what he did to phycians subsequently would have on the public and private image of the ABIM? I am speaking about what appearance that such a violent felon in charge over the lives of medical professionals would have and how that would appear to the public and professional medical community. It is unprecedented what Baron and the others have done.

I am looking at Mannes' hire with complete repulsion--at what he participated in at the ABIM and what his duties as a director of testing security/director of investigations were. As you know and understand, Wes, Mannes participated in/instigated many thousands of instances of violations of physician's privacy and detrimental attacks on physicians' constitutional rights. Ruthless attacks on their lives. As you know, this man pulled out a loaded gun with 13 very lethal bullets in it and pointed that firearm at people outside a nightclub who were trying to help a bleeding club client lying in the street, a helpless man who Mannes beat without relent. Mannes was a bouncer and threatened these people at lethal gunpoint not to help the injured bleeding man. At the time of the incident Mannes impersonated an officer and the gun was not even a legally registered gun, which was a federal violation and drew a felony charge from that violation. Prior to that in 2003 he was investigated and terminated from the DC police for violating a journalists 1st amendment rights and personal life by invading his privacy. Using police data/communication systems he was found guilty of harassing and intimidating the reporter after the journalist wrote an article on corruption in the DC police department.

Is this the kind of man that we want at the ABIM? No, obviously not. This is the most unsafe and unhealthy and reckless thing the ABIM has done. It is unimaginable. And the violations against physicians have not begun to be investigated as far as I know yet. The ABIM opened a den of snakes and turned them loose on physicians for its own purposes that are clearly financial and political in motivation.

Anonymous said...

Now we learn of Mannes, who signed off on a vicious attack on physicians and board review courses, has been profiting from all this personally with outside third party testing security companies. And the ABIM and ABMS aids and abets him. I am calling for a complete investigation by our DOJ. Is this not racketeering and profiteering involving the ABIM and whole of the ABMS. I believe there is clear evidence.

We understand and shake our heads in disgust at this and realize some of the causes. It involves that same story of what can happen when the FBI or police look at a man who they send to the prosecutor--people with outrageous dangerous offenses that are a great risk to the safety of people and our constitution. Then the court just lets him go with a slap on the wrist--with one year probation. Where does he go? He goes to beat up on physicians next and their constitutional rights, privacy. He demonizes them, destroys due process, seizes property and impounds it, spies on all of them, sends vulnerable physicians to court, and creates a total upheaval that has gone unreported to this day. And there is a man in Puerto Rico who should be restituted by the ABIM for their harm. That man is Dr. Salas Rushford. Pretty court documents from the ABIM lie to the federal courts. Mannes' and his involvement is part of that lie, but it goes much deeper and it is a pervasive systemic disinformation and secrecy--silence invoked toward everyone. The ABIM has lost its reputation and cannot continue to fool the courts.

Why did Mannes do this all? The continuous lie and cover-up of that lie. He was not an experienced testing security expert. He was an unemployed felon who used people and was used by the ABIM. He harmed physicians for money and to create a career for himself. I want this man out of the ABIM. I want him investigated and if it is warranted indicted and punished to the full extent of the law. That goes for the others who perpetrated and conspired to harm physicians for their own obscene financial and political gratification. Nobody should be immune from prosecution, no matter how high--even Christine Cassel who signed her name to the ongoing scandal.

Gill Richards said...

“We want no Gestapo or secret police. The FBI is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex-life scandals and plain blackmail. J. Edgar Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him.” —President Harry S. Truman

G R said...

We want no Gestapo or secret police.

Concerning ABIM's ex-parte writ to seize and impound Dr. Rajender K. Arora, Anise Kachadourian personal and business property and John Does 50.

Look over the documents (link below) and ask how Benjamin Mannes, Christine Cassel, and Rebecca Baranowski "attestations" along with Ballard Spahr's Hara Jacobs and Marc J Weinstein's "arguments" could ever convince a judge that a venerable old Hindu physician lecturing at his board review course alone for 20 years was suddenly an immediate threat and at sudden risk of fleeing the country or destroying files on his attendees and course materials? All lies and unfounded. We know that to be true with our own research. Everyone who reads/listens to Dr. Arora's deposition understands the ABIM's assertions of harm to them are false. Not immediate threat existed to their copyrights whatsoever. In fact the revers is true. By bringing everything into the courtroom they exposed their remedial test questions and just how old and underfunded their core mission is.

I especially want to know how an "ethicists" and "PCAST advisor" to the president of the United States--Christine Cassel--could seriously believe that Arora was an immanent threat to he ABIM. He was not in the slightest degree harming anyone. Only helping phycians pass the ABIM's obsolete Q&A format and totally outdated pools of tests and questions. This writ to seize and impound document was unnecessary and their motion was a complete fabrication and lie.

I also want answers that explain why and how Dr. Cassel, with the full weight and authority of her position as a state actor, could flush the constitution and civil liberties of the United Sates of America down the toilet? In exchange for what greater good. Was she that blinded by the decades zealous political ambition and unbridled greed. Cassel's means destroyed her end goals--nobody can believe in her or her over eager reckless mission to overhaul the medical system with a series of systematic lies and serious withholding of real facts.

How could Cassel and her cronies suddenly without warning push the nuclear button that destroyed and harmed thousands of phycians' lives and professions. Was it worth it to sell out our democracy and our constitution in exchange for her millions of dollars and political favors that pushed her healthcare policies onto the president of the United States and a vulnerable unsuspecting public.

Was the ABIM her plaything and physicians her pawns? That's how it appears to me and a growing number of people.

Look at this writ to seize. This was illegal and unethical. The means of Cassel and her cronies has destroyed their end result. It was rushed, ill-prepared, and deceptive like the ABIM and Christine Cassel, et al.

Please read this. It is frightening how the ABIM became a bona-fide police state that the Gestapo would most likely give it their stamp and seal of approval. This writ to seize property granted to ABIM by a federal judge allowed federal marshals to used forced entry into a private home if necessary and gave sole custody of boxes of files and electronically stored data. On page 9 states that the ABIM "shall make repeated seizures"... "of any defendant or any defendant's agent." It gave ABIM sole custody of the Arora, Kachadourian and John Doe 50's personal property.

Nothing epitomizes the ABIM secretiveness, corruption, obfuscation and lies better than these two-bit executives, directors, officers and attorneys:
Crooked Christine K. Cassel, her COO Lynn Langdon, Eric Holmboe, Richard Baron, Robert Wachter, Hara Jacobs (Ballard Spahr), and the lying felon Ariel B. Mannes (ABIM secret police)and his Caveon/Kryterion business partner Marc J Weinstein (Ballard Spahr) who they contracted with and employed to do their dirty work.


Dee Vash said...

Conflicts of interest flow like milk and honey at the ABIM? This everybody knew. Now they are wearing stained brown shirts? Oy vey!

Anonymous said...

Highly irregular erasures on CV's lately by Mannes and Weinstein! Can these two ABIM-CAVEON-ABMS thugs be trusted? I'll let others be the ultimate judge, but I would not personally ever want to hire them or work with either of them. And I certainly would not trust their word. Their only worth is to intimidate, cheat, lie and destroy lives on behalf of their clients and bosses.

So what happened recently to ABIM/Ballard-Spahr attorney Marc J Weinstein's CV history? Why did he erase a big part of his work history and altered it on his CV and just leaving it out or obscuring it on his new website. He worked for Ballard Spahr specifically prosecuting physicians who were sued by the ABIM for copyright infringement. Weinstein worked at Ballard Spahr, Philadelphia from 2007-2012. His name is on the following high profile ABIM cases.

Marc J. Weinstein. PA attorney #2064441
ABIM v. ABR, Arora, Kachadourian and John Does 50.
ABIM v. Sarah von Muller.
ABIM v. Todor.
ABIM v. Salehi.
ABIM v. Mukherjee.
ABIM v. Oni.

Ariel Benjamin Mannes LinkedIn CV disappeared right after Wes went to print with "Medicine's House of Cards", his continuing investigative report of ABIM. Whatever motivated Mannes to delete his CV completely, it appears that his partner Marc J Weinstein has contracted the highly suspicious disease of irregular patterns of erasure recently also.

Marc J. Weinstein's online work history has been altered with major parts deleted--just vanishing in a matter of months. The most important bits erased and replaced with something entirely different. Can we believe this attorney's word in court--a guy that destroyed physicians lives and bragged about the victory over Arora and obtaining the ex-parte writ to seize property and impound it? Look at his CV. How could he suddenly forget that he worked for Ballard Spahr suddenly around the beginning of 2016. I believe it is because that is when he felt the heat of his partner's impending deposition in the case of ABIM v. Salas Rushford v. ABIM, et al.

It is apparent a great deal of irregular activity is occurring--a lot of CV erasures on the part of Mannes and Weinstein. That looks suspicious. Just after Dr. Wes Fisher printed online "MOC, Medicine's House of Cards", Ariel B. Mannes 'disappeared' his online LinkedIn CV. Now Mannes' partner Weinstein has disappeared previous Caveon history. Weinstein has deleted the most recent and relevant portions of his CV. Why? Something to hide? It appears so.

Look at Weinstein's new website. Not a peep about his specific history with law firms Ballard Spahr and Dilworth Paxson. Why?

Not a single mention from Weinstein of his substantial history/relationship working as a Managing Director of Investigations at Caveon. Whoops, I guess Weinstein was caught giving inaccurate and incriminating information also as he recently changed his CV yet again to state that he was not involved with Caveon (testing security spies) until 2016 and not 2014 as previously stated on his LinkedIn CV. Weinstein can't he remember what he did for the past several years since 2007.

Now Weinstein suspiciously claims to be Caveon's "Chief Privacy Officer and Vice President, Investigative Services Caveon January 2016 – Present (6 months)
Greater Philadelphia Area." But he leaves this out on his new

Before his highly irregular erasure Weinstein's CV from LinkedIn read
Experience (screen capture November 2015)
Dilworth Paxson LLP Partner
2012 – Present (3 years)

Vice Chairman
Northampton Township Zoning Hearing Board
January 2013 – Present (2 years 11 months)

Managing Director
Caveon Investigative Services
April 2014 – Present (1 year 8 months)

Anonymous said...


Now that Weinstein's work experience has been 'tested', perhaps by this blog, he has given the "correct answers" after erasing the wrong answers. But actually not; Weinstein is erasing correct answers--left and right--and replacing them with incomplete answers to confuse and obfuscate his history. Caveon (Weinstein's past and current company and place of mentorship) was partially responsible for imprisoning Atlanta's African American teachers when Caveon's forensic experts were flown in with their proprietary testing logarithm to see if kids or teachers were cheating on their dreaded onerous mandated standardized tests. Now part of the rigid mandate has been lifted. Republicans worked with teachers to get it changed. Some said the testing system was corrupt and need to change.

Caveon will not divulge how their unproven "scientific miracle" works or duplicate the results to ensure accuracy for their clients. Very secretive and paranoid about theft of their methods. Sound familiar. They want to maintain monopoly as the sole experts of how to detect testing crime. Caveon's testing security "experts" investigated many of Atlanta's standardized test takers and givers in particular nationwide schools which had an irregular patterns of erasures. The teachers were blamed, tried and sentenced to prison who they made a public spectacle of and demonized them to no end. That's why I am driving home a point about Weinstein and Mannes' highly irregular pattern of bold-faced erasures concerning their online CV alterations/deletions. That's their tell-tale sign of probable guilt.

Anonymous said...


Weinstein previously claimed proudly to have obtained the ex-parte writ to seize property and impound Dr. Arora's course files and data on physicians who took his board review courses. Weinstein also reportedly gave 'arguments' to a PA federal judge along with Hara Jacobs and possibly Corinne A. Militello that the judge should issue this rare seizure order. I would like to see a transcript of that conversation. Was it in person or over the phone? There may have been no discussion at all only pressure on the judge because the advisor to the president, C. K Cassel had placed her name on the motion. ABIM's attorneys also have former governor Ed Rendell as a partner. Rendell's wife served on the PA bench as a high ranking judge at that time.

Can we trust the attorney Weinstein to tell the truth? It appears the lawyer is a changeling as far as his CV and other things are concerned. What we seem to get from Weinstein is misinformation--burying details from the past, altering them to suit some agenda. Maybe hiding incriminating conflicts of interest or worse--something that could get him indicted for racketeering and fraud. Looking at how his business dealings have evolved over the years he should hide facts and relationships. It has turned into a tangled mess working with highly secretive/bizarre testing security like the unethical persecutors of teachers and spies of children at Caveon.

His CV does what lawyers are taught not to do--leaving out facts/suppressing important details that his future potential clients would and should be told. Is this how Ballard Spahr works their cases? With men like Weinstein and then lets them go. It seems to be the same way Weinstein and Mannes work their CVs--suppression or deletion of important histories and facts. They are producing CV's based on total phantasmagoria that they hope will keep them from drawing too much attention to their tangled conflicted relationships.

So now Weinstein erased Managing Director Investigative Services, Caveon. He leave out Dilworth Paxson (and Ballard Spahr on both CV's) then makes us think that he has been doing volunteer work for the arts and never served as attorney on the Northampton Township Zoning Hearing Board for nearly three years.

Experience (as of June 2016 from LinkedIn online)
Caveon, Chief Privacy Officer and Vice President, Investigative Services
Caveon January 2016 – Present (6 months)Greater Philadelphia Area

Managing Attorney, Marc J. Weinstein PLLC
January 2016 – Present (6 months)Greater Philadelphia Area

Volunteer Attorney
Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
2007 – Present (9 years)


Anonymous said...

Why is this not being picked up by larger med blogs and the regular media?

Fred Moore said...

New World Witness

Why is the MSM not following this? We are all asking that question right now. Especially in the light of new revelations of ABIM and ABMS' systemic corruption, which runs deeper than we ever imagined. The revelations of financial, political and legal corruption literally makes one's jaw drop. It leaves all of us "dumbfounded."

Yet more and more people are gravitating naturally toward the truth on this blog and other medical media bloggers' sites that provide us with substantive insight and because we are starving for the truth. The media no longer gives much satiety. Look at how strong this anti-MOC movement is right now.

Wes Fisher, Charles Kroll, Kurt Eichenwald, Drs Cutler and Teirstein, the AAPS lawsuits, Puerto Rican justice and constitutional rights watchdogs, legislatures of Oklahoma, Michigan, Kentucky, anti-MOC petitions, etc we observe a growing number of people exposing the problems and the dilemmas with MOC and the financial and political conflicts of interests.

Add to that the accelerated cognition and readiness to act among organizations like the Pennsylvania Medical Society with a vote of no-confidence in the ABIM and intent to investigate the inner sanctum of the ABIM and its Foundation with a law firm, and others medical societies ready to join the fight we have to admit the momentum is strong and the awareness and movement just keeps growing.

Wes' blog picks up a hundred followers every 5-7 days. Fairly soon we will be the mainstream media, which is much better. We are involved in healthcare and here to stay. The television and mainstream media follows/creates the big story, but it is usually short lived and superficial and so are the remedies.

What grows slowly and carefully is really a boon for us. That aids in learning any subject more surely and fully in seeing what the problems are and how to fix them. The DOJ is a minor organization compared to such a grassroots movement of the intelligence that shines a light on the dark corners and the people in those narrow spaces that cause many of the problems.

ABIM's abuses toward physicians using various forms of tactical fear as a weapon of control is heinous. The bright light with Wes and others in the lead holding the torch is worth more than 30 mainstream media appearances and the federal investigative and prosecutorial agencies that might just bog us down with their own internal problems, inefficiencies and corruption.

I'd say, in short, we are in a much better position doing what we are doing. The pen is mightier than the sword and the blog and power of the people superior to both pen and sword. Shouting often just makes us tired and dull, but the truth when carried on a whisper can literally indict. Moreover, when the depth of corruption is so obvious, it almost reveals itself, exciting us to action louder than a bullhorn.

Anonymous said...

ABMS/ABIM are Nazis, mafiosi thugs, and they hire other thugs to do their dirty work. Be careful docs, you are supporting your prison wardens with your money. Now more than ever you must cease paying every penny into MOC. Be bold and great forces will come to your aid.

Bravo Dr Wes, you are your friends have done a magnificent job--David threw some stones at Goliath.

Nora went to your session to suss out the enemy, ruthless c*&^, she's shameless and like the rest they won't go down without a fight. Bring it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr Wes and Mr Kroll for the great effort you have done !!!!. Without both of you it was impossible to fight them. THANK YOU !!!!

Anonymous said...

June 17, 2016 at 8:50 am

Another story about MOC and job search in Florida

I am looking to join a Pediatric group. I am a solo Pediatrician. MOC will expire 2016. I am boarded by NBPAS.

I was told by a future employer I have to be board by ABP(ABMS), due to insurance reimbursement.

It is time FLorida pass a bill like Oklahoma !!!!!


Do or Die said...

To Wes, Mr Kroll and Dr Culter, thank you but the push back from the ABIM and the ABMS has begun in earnest. There simply is too much money involved for Rich Baron and Lois Nora to go back to being real doctors and taking care of patients. Who can blame them? Make $850,000 sitting in an office pushing papers from Box A to Box B? If I were them I would fight back too. My prediction is this- as individual States neutralize MOC, the cash flow will sputter and magnify the monetary losses at the ABIM first and then the ABMS. Once that occurs, and they are in financial shock, they will cut staff, cut pay and scale back. To accelerate their financial demise will be all the litigation- States vs. ABIM, Individuals vs. ABIM, Class Action Lawsuits vs. ABIM. If and when the DOJ is involved and they start to subpoena the emails and there is evidence for collusion and price fixing then it will be the United States vs. ABIM/ABMS

This will be more and more vicious.

The gloves are now off.

Let the Federal Government Take Over MOC said...

Here is a quick way to squash the ABIM and the ABMS. Let Federal money from the ACA fully fund MOC. That way MOC and all MOC preparation materials will be totally free for every single physician it effects. No more fee schedule. No more over priced Review Courses. So what happens when Federal Money is involved? Federal oversight of the ABIM and the ABMS. FBI, DOJ, OIG, HHS, IRS- the whole 9 yards. And guess what? When Rich Baron and Lois Nora are having a swanky party in their condo with limos, champagne and caviar they both get to testify before Congress and then get to spend some quality time in a Federal Prison.

Kansas Pontiac Dealership? said...

The AMA Delegates "Giveth" and the AMA Council "Taketh" Away!

And thus did I give to the AMA, but then I took it away.
I registered to become a member in the belief that MOC had seen its day.
But then cancelled my membership, because they lied saying MOC was here to stay.

Hank Williams just about sums it all up in his song "KAW-LIGA". (Listen.)

The AMA council's heart is made of knotty pine and the delegates will never know what they've missed. If I were the delegates I'd put my foot down, or just call the whole relationship off. AMA delegates were duped too? Nothing more than wooden props, left holding worthless balsawood nickels in their hands. So much for the power of the democratic vote when the power is really held by a few elites.


Don't bother clicking your heels together, Dorothy. You ain't getting a ride home with them. Just keep following the yellow brick road using your own two feet and the power of the purse. We'll all be there together dancing our way with you and Toto. But they won't.

Ho! Now you know!

Anonymous said...

It's ABMS that needs to get sued. If they go down, the rest will follow.

Unknown said...

So Impressed
Our organization is run by bunch of crooks, selfish, biased, cruel, inhumane people,
their aim in to destroy the doctors, put more pressure on us,
As if we have NO families, NO children to take care of, NO clinics, NO patients, NO hospitals to go to, sit and follow the corrupted, insane requirements of those bureaucrats.
thank you Dr. Wes
Nubar Boghossian M.D.
Hematology Oncology

K Murray Leisure MD Infectious diseases MA USA said...

GREAT work, Dr Wes, Penn Medical Soc, NBPS, et al!!! CLEAN the swamp. Doctors should BUY "No MOC" crossbar over MOC red-rimmed buttons from MedTees. Please POST THEM in all doc hospital lounges next to selected NBPAS slide (NEJM) on the harms of MOC. WEAR those buttons on your lapels (next to Medical Society pins), on your back collar, and sleeves at Medical Society, AMA, and on your white coat at hospital medical staff meetings. Many will give you thumbs up. Keep medical leadership more honest. Buttons and these thumbs up give one the courage to keep fighting against these corrupt Green Monsters who MOC, Make Others Cash, hurt our patients, decimate the physician workforce, and are KILLING mid-career already Boarded diplomates. Nora, Baron, Cassell and mgt for Prison for RICO. Indeed Cassell was a Hillary advisor for HillaryCare in 1997 or so. Perhaps Cassell modeled the ABIM Fdn on the practices of an infamous C (State Dept) Foundation involving millions of pay-to-play dollars from foreign states and special interests?