Saturday, April 11, 2015

The MOC Money Flow

Maintenance of Certification Money Flow
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h/t: @LE44715502 on Twitter


Anonymous said...

Docs are the source of MOC funds?

Funny, I thought every $ in healthcare starts in the pocket of a private citizen and flows via premiums, taxes, or public debt.

Anonymous said...

Two logical fallacies in above:

1. That private citizens cannot pay physicians directly. They can and do.
2. That physicians are not also private citizens.

But yes, otherwise, you are correct.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wes:
Can you be more specific so those looking at your cartoon will understand why the bureaucrats fought so hard for Obamacare?
There is an arrow with government grants. This should specifically point out that two new government agencies were created and funded with BILLIONS of dollars. The first is PCORI which has a built in funding system that increases the fees on seniors. The second is CMMI which will be spending $10 Billion over the next four years.
That munching sound is the bureaucrats feeding at the public trough.
They will justify their existence by doing what they do best--picking favorites (usually their own institutions), creating arbitrary rules and regulations, moving up the echelon to the next higher paying/more powerful job.