Monday, April 13, 2015

Remember Working Doctors, Call Your Senator TODAY

If you believe it's not okay to have the corrupt, coercive, and anti-trust ABMS MOC® Medical Registry as part of the Medicare SGR Replacement ill H.R. 2, CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY and ask that IT BE AMENDED BEFORE BEING SIGNED INTO LAW TO REMOVE THE ABMS MOC Medical Registry from Social Security Law, Section 1848:

First, look up your Senators' names, entering your zip code here.

Be SURE to call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to each senator's office.
  • Remind them that you are an actual WORKING physician, not one who pretends to represent physicians on Capitol Hill.

  • Remind them that they are about to sign a piece of legislation that allows a group of 25 independent nonprofit organizations to monopolize the requirement that you pay nearly $1000 per year (between their fees, travel, time away from work, and lost revenue, per Dr. Charles Culter's video explanation 2 Dec 2015) to maintain your ability to practice your trade if they sign H.R.2 into law.  Remind them NO OTHER PROFESSION has such a requirement to maintain their credentials to practice their trade.

  • Remind them that there is NO INDEPENDENT PROOF that the American Board of Medical Specialties MOC® registry has EVER been proven to improve patient care.

  • Remind them that the American Board of Medical Specialties NEVER disclosed the fact that they are being sued in Federal Court for possible anti-trust violations while lobbying Congress and THE SUIT IS STILL PENDING.

  • Remind them that the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), the largest non-profit of the group of non-profits, grew its  debt to $43 million in losses and offset those losses by auditing gimmickry called DEFERRED REVENUE to the tune of $76 million, which gives the appearance that the MOC medical registry contained in H.R. is being used for cover.

  • Tell them that the both the ABMS and ABIM appear in your view to have committed tax fraud because they have reported on their Form 990's to have not lobbied Congress, when, in fact, they have.

  • TELL THEM THEIR BILL MUST BE AMENDED BEFORE IT CAN BE PASSED to remove the MOC Medical registry as a "value" registry for inclusion in H.R. 2.


No one else will do this for you.


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